Monday, May 1, 2017


The last couple of days have been swell!

I feel like we were just emailing! Hmm... The last couple of days went by really quickly! All is well here in Taoyuan. 

I have been pondering a lot lately about how we might use a more effective way to find people to teach. I am happy to spend all of my time on the street and knocking doors.. I really enjoy it! But I also feel there must be a more effective way to help people come unto Christ! We will keep trying things and hopefully find something that works:) 

I  just want to share my testimony that I know this church is true. The other day we were chatting with a member and she said she came to church by herself and she has a testimony of God then she said "Do you actually believe this though?" That and a few other experiences this week got me thinking. I do know it is true. People ask us sometimes if we have ever had like visions or talked with God and the answer for me is no, but I have had countless experiences as I try to do and be my best that I witness the hand of God in my life and that is more than enough for me! This week I'd like to invite everyone to keep working to build your testimony! Keep seeking to build your faith in the simple principles of the gospel!

I also didn't take any pictures this week! I'm sorry! 

I love you all! Also I love the song "Love is spoken here" we are singing it for Mothers day and we were practicing yesterday.. I always remember family home evenings back home when we sing it! Such a great song! 

Love, Elder Jensen!

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