Tuesday, April 25, 2017


This past week we did the most consecutive knocking I've ever done on my mission! We pretty much knocked everyday.. If we had time we went to a neighborhood and knocked! It was cool! We met several people/families that were willing to set up! 

On Monday night we also ran into a giant Buddhist parade! All of these trucks with glowing lights drove by and then people carrying a box on sticks (kind of looks like a casket but vertical) walked by and people lined up in the road and knelt down and then they carried the box over their heads! It was really really interesting! 

Hmm.. It rained a bit this last week too! But we have several people that are looking quite interested in being baptized! There is a man we are teaching who has met with missionaries off and on since 1963 and a couple of years ago he dreamed of the Book of Mormon and missionaries giving him one and then he ran into them and he is very confident that the Book of Mormon and our church is true. But the last two times he's tried to be baptized he had someone in his family pass away so he is somewhat hesitant. But since we have been meeting with him he's been having more dreams and he for the first time has gotten really really into the Book of Mormon. Before we met him he'd already read all of the standard works and written reports on them and stuff. But he said this time since we called him its been different and he is hungering for the words in the Book of Mormon. He said that the Book of Mormon and Bible are the only books he will read because they are the only things that are real spiritual food.. He is a genius and has a ton of really strong opinions that we aren't able to change but as he has been reading the Book of Mormon he is resolving all of his own concerns! It has been such a blessing and such an interesting experience to get to know him! He is incredible! And he says he feels he will most likely be baptized in May, but it can't be forced he still needs to dream the right dreams to go through with it! I don't know what to do other than pray for his dreams..:) 

That was our more interesting story for the week! 

I learn so much from all of the people around me and I'm so grateful for each of their examples! 

Today I want to share my testimony of the Savior and His love for us! In preparation for mothers day we watched the talk by Elder Holland in 2015 "Behold thy Mother". As I watched that talk I reflected on my own life growing up and how much my mom did for me! I am always amazed by her and how much she sacrificed and gave for us every single day! And she never said she was tired or complained! After looking back on that and reflecting I was better able to understand the Saviors love for us. He gave everything he had for us too. Don't forget how much He loves you! And don't forget how much your mom loves you either:) 

Have a great week! I love you all!

Love, Elder Jensen!

1. The parade.
2. Bishops house last night! His family is awesome!


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