Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Super Week

This week was just swell! Monday we went bowling with a lot of our district and it was a blast!

Last week we didn't really have anyone to teach and didn't have anyone progressing towards baptism and  this week our area just completely flipped around! We were able to set 4 baptismal dates and we had 5 people come to church and they all have awesome potential to progress too! 

I'll share a couple miracles and a funny story:)

First Tuesday we talked about setting baptismal dates in District meeting. We talked about maybe trying to tell someone you were going to invite them to baptism at the beginning of the lesson so they were ready for it. Well we tried it twice on Tuesday and it was awesome. Both people at the end of the lesson when we invited them to baptism were really ready for it and both said yes! 

We spent last week cleaning out our phone.. It had messages from before I started my mission and it was so full it was really slow! Well through out that we found a couple of people really willing to keep meeting with missionaries! So we decided maybe we should take a look at some former investigators! And there are several that were almost ready for baptism and then stopped meeting for some reason. We met with one of them on Friday! He hadn't met with missionaries in about 2 months but he never stopped coming to church! Well we sat down and got  to know him and then we asked him if he had any questions for us and he said "If I want to be baptized next week can you guys help me set that up?" We were shocked! What a great surprise! So we went over the interview questions with him and then last night he passed his baptismal interview and will be baptized in the coming two weeks! We have been really blessed here! 

Also Sunday we talked with a couple of members who have people they hope we can start teaching! 

And I asked our Bishops wife how her week was and she said it wasn't very good.. So we decided to go and heart attack their house! They are one of the coolest families ever! Any way we got off our bikes in front of their house and out walks bishops wife! Then from behind us bishop drives up in his car! Great timing;) We just pretended that we just went there to knock on the doors on their street and waited until they left, but it was pretty funny! 

I'm looking forward to Conference next week! I can't wait!! 

There are a few places in the scriptures where people have a big change of heart! This week I've been thinking about what we can do to have that change of heart in ourselves and also to help those around us experience a similar change of heart! In the stories it is very simple. The people are obedient, they study the scriptures, listen to the prophet and exercise faith and then they change! So simple yet sometimes it can be hard. But I just invite everyone to take something you felt you should change or improve from conference and apply it! I'll do the same! 

I love you all! 

Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Jensen

1. Oh one more story.. We got locked on our roof Monday during lunch! Thank goodness there are lots of missionaries here and some happened to be at the chapel and came and saved us! And thank goodness we had our phones!

2. Fun lunch with one of the people we found as we were cleaning out the phone.

3. Awesome Ye family in our ward we visited last night! 

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