Monday, March 27, 2017


Well this week was good! It is always hard to remember what happened after a move.. 

I left Songshan and am now serving in Taoyuan in the first ward. I really loved Songshan a lot and will miss all of my friends there, but I'm excited to be here in Taoyuan!

This email may be a bit shorter! On Wednesday I got the notification I'd be moving and then we taught a few lessons and then that night we taught English class and then after class one of my Students was baptized! It was really sweet and she asked me to baptize her! Also June the woman we found hiking was there and I was really glad she got to see a baptism! It was hard to say goodbye to her! Her and her family are so cool! And then that night I went home and packed.. One of the district leaders didn't call and say he was home so we called him until 1 in the morning and they wouldn't answer so we ran over to there house to make  sure they were okay.. It was a late night! But a memory I'll never forget! And they were completely fine!

Thursday I got on a train with all of my luggage and came on down to Taoyuan. I've heard my entire mission that this is the promised land and that it is just incredible! Well it's true! This place is amazing and I'm so excited to get to serve here! The members are so good to us and so anxious to help us! We also have a ginormous beautiful chapel that we can take people on tours in! It is going to be a great time here:) Also my companion is the Olsen's from my home wards nephew! He is a genius!

Yesterday and today I was reading through the talk of King Benjamin in the beginning of Mosiah! I've been trying to find a way to help the ward here and I had a pretty strong feeling to make some kind of activity having to do with making our homes like a temple and safe place where all inside can feel the spirit.. There are several families here who have a father or some kids that aren't members yet! Our homes can be places where you feel the spirit and can come closer to God. I think that a home that is like a temple can even help those that aren't members have big changes and desire to come to church! But I haven't been able to think of a good way to express what I'm thinking or how to go about doing it yet.. Any ideas? We have some cool stickers that say "home can be a heaven on earth" I'm sure those will help! 

I would like to encourage everyone to think about what you can do to make your home more like a temple or more like heaven! We cleaned our house this morning and it felt awesome! But in addition to cleaning our homes we need to be clean ourselves! And diligent to searching the scriptures and keeping the commandments like the people of King Benjamin and then we will start to experience the change of heart that they did and our desire to do evil will start to diminish! I love you all! Choose something you can do to let your home become more like heaven! 

Love Elder Jensen!

1. Goodbye to the Songshan district
2.I promised my companion I'd feed him Texas roadhouse if we met our goal for last week! We did it! Texas Roadhouse was pretty tasty!
3.Taoyuan! Some members and the sisters in our ward. The Taiwanese one is Sister Huang and she was baptized in May of 2015 just a couple of weeks before I started my mission and now she's out here serving with us! Pretty sweet! 


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