Monday, March 13, 2017

Great week!

Wow this week was super good! Monday started off with a couple of miracles! The first is we had no idea what to do for preparation day and we were emailing and couldn't think of anything and then a member suddenly called us and asked if we had plans then said she wanted to take us to a "good idea"! I was relieved we had something to do! It was fun! She took us to ride a bus all over Taibei and just look at the city. It was a pretty relaxed!

Then that night we got to meet with the lady that we met while we were hiking like a month ago and her two sons!!! They are so so awesome!! I was shocked! We went to their house and it felt just like home there! The older son is my age and he is going to school and working super hard to help his mom! Their dad died a few years ago.. And he said his favorite thing is to see customers smile while he is working! What a guy! Later in the week we met with the mom and younger son a second time and set a baptismal date with them! They are super sweet! 

This week we also were really busy teaching lessons! This last week we were really blessed and we were able to organize a lot of lessons and now we have a pretty good pool of people that look like they will be willing to keep meeting with us! 

Also this Saturday we will be having a baptism! It is a 88 year old man who was taught last year and had some problems stopping him from being baptized but a few weeks ago he got the clear and now he will be baptized! Then next week one of my English students will be baptized by the Sisters! Super cool!!

I went on an exchange to Neihu this last week and it was awesome! I said a prayer before we went over that I'd be able to help them and then we got there and things just went awesome! In the first half hour we met a mom who said she would bring her whole family for a chapel tour!  Then from there my companion was able to get some confidence and he set up 3 people going forward throughout the day! We also had a really good talk about trials and learning and our attitudes! I learned a lot from him! And I also realized that over my mission I have learned a lot more than I realized! There is still so much I want to learn though! 

To close I want to share something that I heard in church yesterday! A sister was talking about her daughter and she said "a mission will not change you, but it will teach you how to change yourself" I hadn't ever thought about that but it is true. Before my mission I saw people go and come back and I was always so amazed with the change they'd had and I thought! Wow missions change people! But I was surprised when I got here and found it is just the same as normal life and you have to choose to make changes in yourself and work hard for them! But I think that what I've learned over the past couple of months is that it is better that way! We don't gain anything from having things magically change or magically work out. But we gain a ton from working hard to overcome challenges and make changes! The gospel is the same way.. It doesn't magically change us, but it does give us a way to change! When we determine to follow Christ and work to repent and become more like him our lives will change for the better:) I know that to be true! 

I love you all! Love Elder Jensen! 

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  1. I love to read how you have stretched, worked, and grown. They are lessons that will change and guide your whole life. I've shared your wisdom with many young people. It's a gift your mission example provides for people still thinking about serving a mission. You sparkle