Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter

Well this past week was great! Monday Sunny came up from Xinzhu and we got to meet her teacher that lives here and have lunch and go out with them! 

This week was my companions birthday and everybody went all out to help him celebrate! It was the most exciting birthday I've seen on my mission! People wrapped his bike while we were teaching English and made a backpack out of tape and crackers and chips bags and gave him lots of cakes! It was awesome:)

Then we spent the week preparing for our baptism on Saturday. Brother Liu has gotten close to baptism before and then backed out because he didn't feel ready so we were really careful to build his faith through scriptures and help him stick with his decision everyday throughout the week! It came down to Saturday an hour before the baptism and we hadn't been able to get a hold of him that day.. I got a little bit worried! But as we were biking over to the church to set up he called us and told us he was coming!! It was such a relief! His baptism was awesome. He spoke after about how it felt super good to have a fresh start! I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ and that start that he gives to each of us! We are so lucky to have a knowledge of His Atonement and Resurrection! Let us share it with those who may not have had a chance to hear yet!

I feel like the Lord has really blessed me here in Taoyuan. I am having a lot of experiences to help me to achieve my goals and also to teach me a lot of things that I still need to learn! 

We have a mom and her daughter that have come to church 4 times already and they love church! They are really busy though and we haven't had a chance to share with them the lessons! It is looking like we will be able to start this week though and they are looking really great! I love them! 

We have been trying to work on developing good relationships with the youth and helping them to share the gospel with their friends through Facebook or Line. So far we have just been inviting people to share videos and then we will be following up with them to see what friends may have expressed interest in them! 

That is about all I've got for this week:) Sorry it is a little shorter! 

Oh I just thought of one more story I can share! We were doing our language study in a park and I asked a guy as he walked by if he would like to read the scriptures with me. He sat down and so I read a few verses to him but he didn't really understand and he wanted leave.. Then I started talking to him and he asked if I could sing! So I ended up singing two hymns to him! I thought it was a pretty neat experience! I love that we have so many opportunities to interact with so many different kinds of people here! It is a huge blessing to be able to see people smile because of a little wave or a hello! 

Have a great day and week! I love you all!

Love, Elder Jensen!

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