Monday, April 10, 2017


Well last Monday I went to Xindian to celebrate Elder Muellers birthday with him and some members! It was pretty fun to go back and go to our favorite place to contact on the river! 

Then Tuesday we had zone conference. During the conference we learned about following the spirit and President Jergensen shared something I'd never noticed before in 1 Nephi. In chapter 2 Nephi says he is young and then in chapter 4 he says that he is a man. So we talked a lot about what happened in between there that made him a man. It was really interesting! 

I think my favorite part of the conference though was that someone walked in to the chapel during it and my companion and I had a chance to go out and talk to him. He said he's seen our church before and just decided to come in today. He didn't live in our area but he wanted to learn about the church and because it was zone conference we just grabbed the missionaries over his area and they got to meet him! It was the perfect time for that man to come! Pretty cool!

3 other things really quickly that happened this week! 

1. Went on an exchange and got to teach the most amazing couple ever! They are super awesome!! Named Ken and Hellen. I hope that they were able to get there answers at conference. They came to 3 sessions! 

2. We set up with a former and went and met him Saturday morning. He told us he has read all of the standard works and thinks our church is the best church there is but he still has a few questions that haven't allowed him to be baptized. We invited him to conference. Sunday morning before conference he said that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are one and he doesn't think us saying they are separate is correct. Then in conference there were 2 talks that hit on the Godhead and it was so perfect. I just looked at my companion in awe.. Then he told us it was really good and he received a lot of revelation. So we will meet him later this week and see how he feels about making the last steps and going for it! 

3. We got to meet a man in our wards father! The man is getting ready to go on a mission and so we told the dad that we hoped we could give his son a chance to experience missionary life by teaching his dad all of the lessons and so he could see what it is his son will be doing for the next 2 years! He happily accepted! Hopefully the son can help his dad be baptized before his mission!! That will be a great experience to help carry him through his mission! 

I know that the prophets are called of God! My goal from conference is to follow my feelings and act on first impressions! If it is good I will do it right away! 

I hope you all have a great week! I love you!! 

Love, Elder Jensen

1. Elder Mueller and Elder Nielsen the Elder he is training.. 3 generations!

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