Monday, May 8, 2017


Being a missionary brings the most joy and satisfaction of anything I've ever done. I love it! 

Monday Amber and her friend took us to 九份and野柳 one is an old lane full of shops and food! They made the movie spirited away based off of there and then the other was a rock that looks like a head next to the ocean! It was pretty fun! Lots of really really good food and beautiful sights!

Then this last week we had a goal to find people to teach because that is something we have been struggling with! We saw some great success. We were biking when we felt we should turn and go check out a park we'd never been to before. There were only 5 people there and they all turned out to be a family and the mom described herself to us as an investigator of another church. She was really interested in what we were sharing and now she is going to bring her whole family to church next Sunday! That was a great miracle! 

This week we also went to the home of a man that we knocked into several weeks ago and has been attending the sisters English class with his 5 year old son. He and his wife were both really interested in the message of the restoration! At the end they were like "Thank you guys! I learned some stuff today. You accomplished your goal as missionaries" They were really sincere but it kind of felt like they were saying "well that is a cool story.." But then we shared the last two paragraphs of the introduction to the Book of Mormon and the man was like can I really get an answer? This is exactly what I need! He then committed to begin reading the book and seeking an answer for himself. Then he said that destiny had come;) haha we are really excited about them!! 

I know that the Lord is directing His work. I know that as we do all we can to be prepared to participate in that work that He will give us chances to bless the lives of others. We had ward council this week and at the end of the meeting the Stake High Councilman said something I really liked, "The gospel isn't about what you know, it is about what you do" It is easy to talk.. But how many of us are willing to really change things and really make things happen. 

I have been trying to become a doer. And I am also trying to change some things about the way I work as a missionary so that we can have more spiritual power because I learned in Preach My Gospel the other day that that is what will really make us more effective! 

I love you all! Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Jensen!

1 and 2. Jiufen
The rest: Yeliu

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