Monday, May 29, 2017


Monday we went to an amusement park. It was super super fun! A couple of great members and the Elders we live with and the sisters in our ward all came and it was a blast. 

Tuesday I answered a call from President and he asked if he could talk to Elder Olsen. Elder Olsen's mouth dropped while he was talking to him. He got called to be the new recorder in the office because his Chinese is so good. He moved the next day! So now I have a new companion! It is Elder Heaton! He was in my zone when I was in Songshan so I have been on exchanges with him before! And he is awesome! We had a really really great second half of the week together! 

Elder Heaton is really good at talking to everyone! It has been really great and we found a couple of really cool people. I'll share one fun experience we had this week! One of the best on my mission so far. We were biking to the train station and waiting at a stop light and then all of the sudden Elder Heaton was like lets follow that car all three of them just waved to me. I didn't see the car but said okay and we turned around and followed it into the lane behind us. Then Elder Heaton said it had turned down this road and we look and it is a dead end and there is no car. But then we see that it leads down into a parking garage of the apartment complex next to us. We were about to turn around and go back but something came over us and we were like lets keep following it! So we biked into the parking garage. On the first floor we didn't see it. So we dropped down another floor. Still didn't see it so we dropped down another. Still didn't see it so we dropped down one more. And finally we found this car with a family getting out of it! They were pretty surprised to see us down there, but they were really nice and said go up to the first floor and you can talk to our son there. So we went back up and met there son there and he is awesome! He lived in Dayton Nevada for a year in high school. Now he is 19. While he was there he had Mormon friends that would invite him to the church to play basketball with them! What a miracle! Haha we had to run to the train station so we just quickly set up an appointment with him and now we will be meeting this week! 

Saturday I had an opportunity to go back to Xindian for the baptism of a man that I taught while I was there! It was really special to be able to see all of the members there again! I love them all so much! It was a nice service. Then we hopped on the MRT and went to Songshan for another baptism of someone that Elder Heaton taught before they realized he lived in Songshan. It was also really great to see all of the members there again! They are all doing really well! 

So it was a pretty spectacular week. 

Today we are going to our ward camping activity. We can't camp of course, but it will be fun! 

I love you all! Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Jensen! 

At the amusement park!

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