Monday, January 30, 2017

Chinese New year

This past Monday we went and had lunch with Sunny and Jimmy from Xiangshan! It was really fun to see them again! It had been a while! Then we went to an indoor climbing place with Renee and Sunny and the Neihu Elders! It was a fun day!

Then the week got crazy! Tuesday we went to Luo Dong and helped them go on splits with their members! It was cold and rainy and I went with a 16 year old kid named Slide! It was so much fun! I was really impressed with him and how good of a missionary he already was! He was a lot of fun to serve with for the day and we met a couple of really cool people! Then he took us to meet with his friend this girl that he likes and she became the sisters new investigator! They asked her what goals she had and she said she's been thinking that when she gets older she wants to go on a mission and spread the word of God like us.. My jaw dropped! Hahaha she's not even a member but she wants to serve a mission and help people come to know God! 

Then we went to a worldwide broadcast for missionaries! It was really really good and in it they also changed our schedule! So now we choose when we do our companion and language study and get out earlier! It is a really flexible schedule to help us do what we need when we need to be more effective! Pretty exciting! 

Then the Chinese New Year started and so lunch and dinner for the last 3 days we have gone to members houses! It has been so much fun! I love getting to interact with members and get to know them! It is also cool to see the desire they have to share the gospel! 

Two things I forgot last week! I met Todd Peck's older brother! And I ate cooked frog leg! It was good! 

So because of the new year everyone here in Taibei went to their parents or grandparents homes in the south and the streets have had noticeably less people and it is quiet and more peaceful outside! It makes Taibei feel really big and nice! But it makes contacting people a little more difficult.. But not really! Everyone is together as families and not working so we have run into several families! It has been so cool! We have met a couple of great families that have set up to meet with us! Also yesterday someone drove by on their scooter and we waved and then a minute later they came up behind us on the side walk! They turned around and came to wish us a happy new year and give us some pineapple cakes! Then they said we could invite the missionaries where they live to get a hold of them! Yesterday we met 3 people that just stopped and were super interested to talk with us and set up! It was awesome!

Last but not least! Renee and Duo Duo were confirmed yesterday in church! It was awesome! 

The broadcast also talked about making the sacrament something that we prepare every week for by repenting and so I tried to do that better this week! I am so grateful to the Atonement and the chance it gives us to repent! 

I love you all! 

Love, Elder Jensen

1 and 2 climbing
3: a woman in our ward and her family who lives in my last ward Bitan! So fun to see them again! 

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