Monday, February 6, 2017

New Year Continues

This week went by super quickly! Every day we were fed at least one meal most two for the Chinese New Year! It was kinda crazy! But lots of fun! Now it is over! I love our ward! They are so good to us! 

This week we had a hard time setting up anyone to teach because everyone had work off and wanted to go out and play! Hahah time is a constant battle.. When people have work they are too busy to meet with us and when they have work off they want to go play or rest and so they're still too busy:) 

We did get to go and teach a members friend in his home on Wednesday night though! It was a really interesting lesson! He has a ton of questions about stuff like "do dogs go to heaven?" So we tried to work through those and help him learn! It went all over the place! But in the end he set a baptismal date and said if he gets an answer of course he'll be baptized! Now we just have to help him seriously seek that answer! 

Elder Zhuang has taught me a ton this last transfer! I hope that going forward I can bring a better balance to my missionary work of always going hard but also working effectively and having a high quality! 

I've been pondering a lot lately about how to more actively strive to become like Jesus Christ! So far I don't have a great go to method but something that has helped me is in every situation thinking to myself "What would Jesus do in this situation" and then do that! It seems pretty simple, but having that thought multiple times throughout the day has led me to act slightly differently and I'm hoping to see more change and improvement as I continue to do that! 

One cool experience we had this week was we went over by bishops house and asked his son to come out with us to meet some of their neighbors! He is a senior in high school and he was so nervous! I felt pretty bad.. But it was really cool to see him out being a missionary with us! And we had a lot of fun together! By the end he seemed to be feeling a lot better too! Also we asked one of his neighbors if we could pray for him and his answer was  "Could you pray for my family I've been fighting with my wife about our children" He enjoyed the prayer and I think he has a ton of potential! 

I love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Jensen

Pictures.. Didn't take many this week! I got one though!

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