Monday, February 13, 2017


I stayed in Songshan for a fourth transfer! I'm excited to be here still! We had a great week!

On Monday we went the the mission office and played basketball! Played with Elder Facer! We haven't played since being in the MTC so that was pretty fun! 

Then Tuesday we went back to the mission office to have interviews with President Jergensen. Before our interviews he gave all of us a little training from Helaman 10 about Nephi. It was really inspired and powerful! I really appreciated it a lot! Then we had awesome interviews! My interview was only about 4 minutes long but it was really good. He pretty much just told me to apply the things from Helaman 10 and keep everything will go awesome! Also in Elder Zhuangs interview President told him that I wouldn't be moving so I knew a day early! 

The rest of the week flew by. We taught a few investigators with a lot of potential. But today I will just share the story of one. He is a former from a year ago and we met him a few weeks ago after calling through formers. He and his 8 year old daughter and wife all came to English class after that and then we set up to meet with them. The wife told us that she hoped we could help her husband stop drinking.. Their relationship is pretty bad. They live together but don't talk and take turns going out with their daughter. Well after Guo nian he wasn't feeling good so went to the doctor and decided he needed to stop drinking. He then found out his liver is failing, maybe dead. He is completely committed to never drinking again now and has been really prepared to receive the gospel. We are excited to work with his family! I know this message can really help them! 

I really want to learn how to ponder.. If anyone has some suggestions please send them over! 

Elder Mueller who I trained in July is now training someone!! Pretty exciting! 

Yesterday I spoke in Sacrament meeting for my first time on my mission! They don't give us many chances to speak here! But it was pretty fun! I just shared a little bit about Alma and Almulek and how much we need the members and that as we work with them we will all be strengthened by the Holy Ghost like Alma and Almulek were! And peoples hearts will change and open up to this message! It is true.. We can find on the street all day and we will find people we can help to be baptized, but if we can work better with the members of the ward we will see the work progress at a much faster pace and people will have large support groups as they join the church! Keep looking for opportunities to help and love those around you! 

I love you all! Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Jensen

Another week with not many pictures.. 
This girl is in our ward and will be serving here for a few weeks before going to LA


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