Monday, January 23, 2017


This past week was super crazy and full of miracles! 

So on Wednesday we went to the temple and then we went and met an investigator at her coffee shop that is outside our area so we haven't ever been able to go! It was a lot of fun to see her again! I want so badly to meet with their family but they are so busy with their shop so it has been tricky! 

Then Friday we had a sweet activity in our area! We invited all of the missionaries in our zone to come over to our area and then we found several young men and young women in our ward to come and act as missionaries for one day! We had about 14 companionships in our area that day and all of the ward members had a really great time! They all came back and they had huge smiles and they were all like "wow I'm so tired! I don't know how you do it" But they had a good time! The youth in our ward here are all awesome. There are like 6 young men preparing to go on missions and they are so cool. Sometimes they help in my english class and I ask everyone what their favorite part of the week was and these young men always answer that their favorite part of their week was church. I think it is pretty impressive that teenage boys favorite part of the week is coming to church! 

Then Friday night I went on exchanges with the assistants and while I was there two of my previous wards had their temple day and so I got to see a ton of friends from previous areas and it was super awesome! I love running into people I have met while being here. It is always so good to see them again! 

Then Saturday things got crazy! So we had the baptismal interview for the Han Cheng Wen and he passed!! So we started preparing to have his baptism the next day. But Renee who was also scheduled to interview Saturday called and said she was not going to be able to make it back in time for her interview. So we rescheduled to do her interview Sunday night and do her baptism in a couple of days depending on when she decided she was ready. She was committed to interviewing but still not sure she wanted to be baptized. Well then we called her that night to confirm she would interview the next day and she said that she would and that she told her friend she might be baptized tomorrow! So then we rescheduled her interview so she could do it before the other baptism. After sacrament meeting I went to Neihu with her and took a member as my companion. She passed her interview and on the way back to the baptism that we were running late for we prayed together and she decided she wanted to be baptized as well! We got back to the chapel and everyone was waiting for us to start! They threw clothes at us had us change and minutes later Renee was baptized! It was a crazy little spur of events that I wasn't expecting! But the Lord has everything organized and it was time for Renee to get baptized! After she was baptized there was a pretty big change in her! She was so excited and happy and begged us to ask her come help us teach other people! I think she may decide to serve a mission in the future! She is so sweet!! The Miracles this week were insane.. We went into the week not expecting to have any baptisms and ended up having 2! We have been really blessed here the last few weeks! I've felt like things have been moving so fast and I've been doing everything I can to just keep up, but the Lord has taken care our investigators and they made it! 

I know Heavenly Father loves each of us! I know He is looking out for us! And I hope that we can all remember patience as we seek for Him! 

Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Jensen! 

1. Made this for members!
2/3 They did it! The young boy in the second picture is the one that was baptized!  

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