Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

I'm so excited for this new year and all of the great things it will bring! 

This past week was crazy and busy and fun! I can't remember what happened at the beginning of the week! It was fun though I think! We hiked on Monday. That was a ton of fun! 

Then on Thursday I got a new companion! Elder Seamons moved to Hualian! He was really excited. I'm sure he'll love it down there. I'll miss him, but I love my new companion too! His name is Elder Zhuang and he is a native Taiwanese! It is super fun serving with him! 

Friday we went to Missionary Leadership Conference most of the day. It was a good meeting! I learned a lot about leading! And then the rest of the week went by pretty normally! Just lots of talking to everyone on the street and teaching lessons and I love it all! 

But the big thing that is happening is we have been deep cleaning our house and painting our walls! That is why this email is a lot shorter.. We have to hurry back and finish painting because later we are going to help someone move and then attending a wedding of a recent convert in our ward! It's going to be a super crazy day! But our house will be a lot nicer when it is done! I'm really excited for the next couple of weeks! They are going to be great!

Renee and her mom are still doing well! Everyone else is doing well too! I'll write more detail next week!

Also we can see the Taipei 101 from our home so we went to bed and then woke up at 12 to see the fireworks for a few minutes. They were pretty cool! 

Yesterday our lesson in Gospel Principles was on our Heavenly Father and I really loved it. Father stood out to me a lot. Then I started thinking about how I interact with my dad and it gave me a new perspective on how I can change the way I interact with my Heavenly Father to be closer with him.. And then last night we went to a new member fireside and I felt very strongly of His love for each of us! There was some awesome speakers baptized just weeks who spoke about how they are now preparing to serve missions! It's incredible to me that people can do that! This message really does change lives! 

I love you all! Have a great week! Don't forget to set some new year resolutions! 

1. Our hike
2. Old district
3.New companion!
4. The 101

A couple more :)

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