Monday, August 1, 2016


Fang'ed means we got stood up! Our time here in Xindian has brought lots of new investigators and lots of investigators that have stood us up and given fake numbers and not showed up for appointments! It can be hard but it's all good:) We are just looking to build a pool of solid people that will show up! And it is coming along nice and slowly:)  And we are loving it!

So this last week we just did a ton of finding! It's pretty fun! Our area is super beautiful! It is also pretty interesting because our whole area only includes like 2 main roads and places to street contact and the rest goes back up into the mountains! So we spent a lot of time just along those roads this week! But we will probably have a few chances to go on some crazy bike rides to find some people up in the mountains at some point coming up here!

In other news, we have one investigator that was here from before we got here and he has progressed super well and will most likely be getting baptized on Saturday! He has his baptismal interview on Wednesday but I am pretty sure that he is going to pass! His name is David and he is super awesome! 

Hmm.. That is really about our whole week! We are just really working hard to find the people that will receive us and have a desire to meet and learn! I have been praying for that a lot this week! And then this morning when we walked into the internet cafe a man came up to me and said "can I have a paper about Jesus?" I chatted with him and ended up setting up a time to meet! Miracles happen everyday!!! It is the best! Super super cool! 

I wish you all a wonderful week! Remember who you are! We all have Godly potential! That is incredible! I read the talk by President Uchtdorf from conference called "He will place you on His shoulders and carry you home" Super super good! All we have to do is turn to him! 

I love you all! 

Love, Elder Jensen!

Pictures: Fun with Sunny and Jerry at 101 and the memorial hall!

Glowing man!

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