Sunday, August 14, 2016

What a week!

So this week was pretty good! On Wednesday we went to a special fireside for the missionaries done by David Archuleta and it was really really cool! I learned a lot from him! And now consider myself a David Archuleta fan;) Hahaha He shared some cool stories from his mission and he said some stuff that was perfect for the investigator we brought!

Hmm.. Other than that we had a fairly normal week! We met with a whole family in their home on Friday and it was so cool! We met the dad and the daughter a week ago and then called to set up and the wife was like "yes come over!!!" So we showed up and we were expecting to share with them and then it turned out that they had prepared a big dinner for us to eat with them! It was really good and they are a super nice family! Super cool and the mom is Christian and been hoping and praying that her husband could learn the gospel and then he met us! So we are really excited to work with them! They have two daughters 12 and 15! I showed them my family picture and said that Koby was the same age as the girl and she said "Can you introduce me to him?" She also wrote down all her contact info.. So Koby I'm sending you an email with it and it's your turn to be a missionary;) Please shoot her an email! So that was cool!

Then Saturday we went to another David Archuleta thing and he was sick and lost his voice and still tried to power through and sing for us and couldn't sing at all.. I learned a lot from that too! Super cool he was willing to try.. I felt bad! That is a lot of pressure! 

Our investigator George is still progressing very well! He is here again in the internet cafe today! He's a pretty great guy! 

Elder Mueller and I are loving it here! Thank you for all the love and support! Hmm.. I think for a little spiritual share I just want to emphasize the importance of Home Teaching! It can change lives! It is so cool.. It seems pretty simple and you just go do it! But if you take an extra step to really try to help and serve those people it will impact them forever! I love that! 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 

Love, Elder Jensen!


2. David!

3. Super cool little girl we met with great English

4. Good bye to one of my best friends out here. Elder Lindahl! Keep an eye out for him at BYU;)

5. I turned into a girl somehow!

One last thing
I might be going back to Xiagnshan Saturday for a baptism! A girl Elder Tan and I found and were teaching passed her interview and is getting baptized!

Next week!
Preparation day will be on Tuesday instead of Monday because we have a meeting with an Area 70 David F. Evans who wrote the awesome Tenacity talk! I'm excited! Love you all!

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