Monday, August 29, 2016

Crazy man and miracles!

We had a good week! Most of it was spent outside talking to people and trying to find more that are interested and willing to meet! We have been pretty lacking in the department.. But it is slowly picking up and we continue to see amazing things every week!

So I'll share a few fun experiences from the week!

Hmm.. We went and visited some members and they were super awesome and had prepared a ward list with all of the active people marked on it! (something we've been looking for) And they also marked a few people that they wanted us to go visit! So the next day we went out to visit them and the first one we went to lived in this super super nice apartment building. They let us in to wait and there was like a grand piano in the lobby and a drink counter in the back corner and it was really nice! And the member was really nice as well! Then on the way to the next one this man stopped us and said "I want to join you" So that was pretty exciting! It turns out he meant he wants to come to our church meetings.. He's still not sure about getting baptized and stuff but he has a lot of potential! He is a super cool guy and his name is Jobun! So that is cool too!

The next thing that happened is we were walking on the street talking to everyone and then this guy was like "have you eaten yet?" Which is really common it's like a polite way to start a conversation, but then he walked up to this gate and opened it and was like come in! So we went in and he fed us some fruit and we talked with him! It's usually a really good sign if someone lets you in to their home.. But he was just a really nice man that likes treating Americans well and he was also a self proclaimed "Crazy man" Haha It was pretty interesting to chat with him! There are some great people in the world! 

The last miracle I'd like to share is about George! He's the one from the internet cafe! He lost his phone and we couldn't talk to him all week! But he told us he'd come to church and he did! When he showed up we were so happy I can't even explain it! And better yet he hasn't smoked once since we taught him the word of wisdom almost 2 weeks ago and he has read the Book of Mormon all of the way to Helaman! He is doing super awesome! We love him and it's been so cool to see the power and energy that he has found through praying and reading his scriptures!

I continue to really love the work and find a lot of joy in being able to share this wonderful message with others! 

We had some little rule changes this week! We are not allowed to have live chat emails with people.. So if you emailed me back and I didn't answer that is why! I'm sorry! But we can still do weekly emails so that's a big blessing;) And the other rule is that we are no longer allowed to teach single sisters! We pass them off to the sisters in the area nearby! That will be a small interesting change but we are looking forward to starting to teach a lot more families because of it! One other change is I'm the district leader again! Elder Chia the previous district leader is training! So our whole district is in training! Pretty exciting!!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! And don't forget every member is a missionary:) Our new ward mission leader is super pumped to get missionary work through the ward going and it has been super exciting to see! I know as we continue to work better with members we'll be able to see a lot more success! 

Love Elder Jensen!

Not really any new pictures.. I'm sorry! Cool sky! 

Forgot to send these last week! This is the beach we went to! Pretty nice....

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