Monday, August 8, 2016

Pokemon Go

Pokemon took over the world on Saturday night.. Every single person we talked to was walking around looking at their phone trying to catch Pokemon! Crazy:)

Today is also the Taiwanese Fathers day! Happy Fathers day dad! 

Okay not much to say this week! It went a lot better than last week as far as being Fang'ed though:) And the person who came up to us in the internet cafe turned out to be super awesome and has committed to a baptismal date and came to all of church with us on Sunday in a white shirt and tie!! Super cool! 

Also we went to Wulai for a P-day! It was super beautiful! Somewhere up there was the first baptism in Taiwan.

Hmm.. What else! We just had a really good week! We met with our bishop and he is awesome! We are really excited about the work here in Xindian! 

We have met some really nice people.. A woman named Jo who is really really nice but feels like she is wasting our time by meeting with us! She keeps her commitments though so I think she's going to be baptized! Super cool lady!

I'm sorry I'm like drawing a blank this week! I just had a lot of fun! And worked hard! And we had some great interviews with President! And I know that this church is true and it has blessed my life so much and I'm so glad I get to be here sharing about it with people!

We've also started to really emphasize teaching families and we are going to hopefully be meeting a few that we found this last week! It has been so cool to see how once we put an emphasis on them it seemed like they started popping up all over and they are all really nice to us and many are quite interested in the wonderful message we are sharing about eternal families!

Sorry I was all over this week! I love you all! Have a good week!

Love, Elder Jensen!

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