Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Too Good!

This week had too many good parts to choose a good title! I'll start from the beginning and give a run down of some of the great stuff that happened!

So Monday we went to Yilan on the East coast with the other Elders in our district (Elder Chia and Elder Clegg) and their investigator! We went to one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen! Super super fun day!

Tuesday after our District meeting we were waiting for George our awesome investigator found in the internet cafe and he didn't answer his phone and he didn't show up for like a half hour.. So we headed out to where we had planned to find! Well guess who we ran into when we got over to where we had planned to find? George!!! He had just gotten off work, his phone was at home, and he was getting on the bus to go to the church to meet with us!! What a miracle! We saw him seconds before he got on the bus! In the lesson he shared with us that as he reads and prays (He has read to somewhere in Alma I believe) He's felt a desire to do something good! Then we invited him to obey the commandments because they make us happy, even though we hadn't shared the commandments yet, and he said "what are we not supposed to eat?" We taught him the Word of Wisdom. He likes to smoke.. Well he hasn't smoked since we taught him that lesson! We are really pleased with the great progress he is making! We are super blessed to have been able to run into him! I know the Lord is preparing people all over! We just have to do our best and we'll be led to them!

Wednesday we had a good day and a rough English class.. But contacted a model;) usually they don't talk to us so we were excited someone was willing to listen! She seemed pretty interested and we gave her number to the Elders where she lived. 

The next few days went along pretty regularly and then Saturday Elder Mueller and I got to go all the way back to Xinzhu to attend the baptism of a girl I taught with Elder Tan!! I was so happy I was able to go back and see everyone and her! It was also cool to be able to baptize her! That's the first time I've baptized someone that I helped to teach! The bishops usually like members to do it:) Super super awesome! She's changed a lot since meeting her and even since I left! I love seeing the change and the happiness that this wonderful message brings!

Church yesterday was really good too! We had a member bring three friends to church!! Miracles!! And I was just happy all day!

Then Monday we had a sweet mission conference and got to learn a ton from Elder David F. Evans! He taught us the importance of asking people who they know! He made a big point that street contacting and knocking aren't found in the Preach My gospel chapter on finding until a few pages in! There are more effective ways to find!!

My favorite part though was the emphasis on "Teaching repentance and baptizing converts" There was a world wide training on that in January! It finally occurred to me yesterday that we need to do more than teach it we need to help and make sure they use it! That is the only way they can experience the true change that the gospel can and was meant to bring! I know as I've repented I've been able to feel a weight lifted off of me and that is what we are here to share! I really enjoyed that! 

And then this morning we woke up at 4:30 did our studies and were out the door by 8 for our sweet bike ride! It was awesome! 

I love you all! Have a wonderful day:) Take care!! Remember who you are! And remember to keep repenting and you'll be able to have the change of heart experienced by so many wonderful people in the scriptures! Mosiah 5:2 is a good one!

Love, Elder Jensen!

1:Sunny and her husband!
The rest: More from the ride

Our sweet bike ride this morning! I just got a killer cramp while emailing;) we biked for like 2 hours up a mountain.. I pulled someone for part! And then an hour and a half coasting down! It was super fun!
(Pics forwarded from Elder Mueller)

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