Monday, July 25, 2016

Great week!

This last week was another great one! Lets see if I can share all the highlights with you!

Monday it rained and we ended up just staying inside and cleaning up a bit for our preparation day!

Tuesday we had our first district meeting here in Xindian and it was really good! After district meeting we met with this guy that a woman investigating the church in a different area really wanted to start meeting with us. She brought him down and while we met she kept sharing awesome testimonies about how happy the gospel had made her and how she had been pretty stressed and a little down but as she learned the gospel it had all changed. She was so excited! And talked about how she's getting baptized this upcoming weekend. Needless to say her friend was pretty interested and was willing to set a baptismal date with us after hearing all of her testimonies! It was a super awesome miracle!

Wednesday we taught english class! My companion and I have been assigned to teach the Childrens class and it was absolutely insane! Our class had 17 children in it! I have never seen so many kids;) The most is usually like 9 or 10! So.. It was fun! And really loud! 

After english class we met with an investigator that was investigating before we got here and he was super prepared! He told us he will be baptized after he can attend a baptismal program! So this weekend we will bring him to one and then he's set to be baptized next week! That was a big miracle!

Hmm.. Then the rest of our time this week was spent outside finding new investigators! It went pretty well! We saw some pretty interested people set up with us! And some less interested people who were willing to set up as well! So hopefully they can go somewhere! There are some really beautiful places in this area with tons of people.. So we just go walk along this nice river and talk to everyone down there and it is a great place for finding and pretty cool and nice! It's like a win, win, win;) 

In other news my companion and I sang in our ward choir yesterday and it was pretty fun! Then our ward split! I'm still not sure which ward we will be serving in but we are looking forward to working with a new ward! It is going to be a blast! Also someone brought a scale to our house and I weighed myself and I have lost quite a bit of weight since last time I saw when I was in the mtc! 

Now to share a little miracle! So a few weeks ago I read a talk in the Liahona about lost scriptures by Gene R. Cook! His scriptures were stolen and he began praying and fasting and then a few weeks later they were found! It was like the day after my bike was stolen.. I was pretty sure my bike was gone but I mustered all the faith I could and said "If it worked for him it can work for me" I then said many sincere prayers over the next few days asking God to help me find my bike somehow! Well I left and never found it.. Then yesterday I got a call from Elder Tan and his new companion and guess what they told me? They found my bike! I was super excited! And prayers really do have power! Our Father in Heaven is there watching over us and taking care of us! And even though I didn't absolutely need my bike found I prayed in faith that it would be and He was willing to answer that small prayer for me! 

I'm so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to be here in this beautiful country bringing people unto Christ! It is such a fulfilling work! I know that you can find joy in it there as well! Go the extra mile to help someone or share a simple testimony! It could go a long way:)

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Jensen!

Cool morning run up a mountain that we did!

Happy Birthday Mom and Koby!! I love you both!

Indonesian ladies that really wanted a picture with us!

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