Tuesday, July 5, 2016


This last week was full of some wonderful things and some heartbreak! Overall I think that it was a really great week!

On Monday we went to the beach and Aaron from Tianmu came too!! It was so good to see him again! I love that guy! There were also a ton of other people that came and we all played on the beach together and it was pretty fun! 

Tuesday in our district meeting I had everyone come outside and do the three man weave (a basketball drill) with me for a training I was doing on communication and unity. It was super fun to be able to use basketball to help teach. All of those years of basketball are finally paying off;) 

Tuesday I also went on probably my last exchange in Zhunan. It was a crazy awesome exchange. After district meeting we went outside to find an absolute downpour. We had a lesson in 20 minutes and neither of us had rain jackets. We just went out and got absolutely drenched! It was a ton of fun! And then the person didn't show up to their lesson and we saw a stream of small miracles and found 4 new investigators in that hour. We went to drink some fruit milk at this shop and the owners husband came up and told us his daughter had been to church then we met her and she was super cool. We were talking to her and we asked her if she'd seen the bible then something I've never seen before happened, she said "No, I don't have a bible.. All I have is a Book of Mormon" Hahaha my jaw dropped;) It was cool! She met some sister missionaries like 2 years ago and they gave her one! 

Then lets see.. Friday we biked forever.. We had to go from the top of our area through some mountains and hills over to the bottom and it was super hot! It was really really fun! Nice to see some places in our area that I've never seen before! 

Saturday we had the baptismal interviews scheduled for the Chen family. An older sister and her little brother.. They are the ones that we've been meeting with for forever and they've been doing super good. Well we showed up to do the interviews and their dad told us he won't let them be baptized cause they need to be more mature and have more time to think about it and we are forcing them.. I was so excited to see them baptized and when that happened my heart broke a little bit.. But It will all work out they are super awesome and their time will come! Hopefully sooner rather than later! There dad is really nice and really likes our church and it's teachings, which is super super rare, so it is weird that he still won't let them be baptized. Anyway that put me in a slump for a few days.. I started thinking about how many people I've seen that start to progress and have baptismal dates and are awesome and then they haven't made it.. I'm trying to figure out what is stopping all of them from making it and I don't really know! But I'm going to do everything I can to figure out! 

The thing that got me through the harder times of the week was a talk I read in the Liahona about Tenacity! I don't know why but just hearing the word makes me excited.. It carries so much power! So I'm learning to be tenacious and never give up on righteous goals. Especially the ultimate goal of returning to our Heavenly Father. But also all of the small goals along the way! I would recommend everyone read the talk cause it's way better than me explaining it.. But I just want to tell everyone, no matter what you encounter never give up! Be tenacious:) I love this work and I really appreciate the good times and the hard times.. It is all perfect.. Despite many painful moments. There is so much to learn from them and they make the good times just that much better! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful week! Today we get to go to the temple! Should be wonderful:) 

Oh and they completely changed the language program in our mission.. It is going to be really really cool! I'm pretty excited about it! It is now divided into a bunch of "I can" statements and as you can do those things you move on.. It's hard to explain but should help review a lot and learn a lot of new things!

I love you all! Happy fourth of July! 

Love, Elder Jensen

Beach and beautiful fields!

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