Monday, July 18, 2016


Well this last week a ton of happened and I'm going to do my best to remember.. But my time is a little short today! Elder Jackson sent me like 20 emails so it's his fault;) 

Monday we went out with Jerry and Sunny to a river and it was a super awesome trip! So fun to see a river and stuff again;) Reminded me of the canyons back home! I think Sunny put pictures on Facebook! 

Tuesday I went to my last District meeting in Zhunan! A few extra members from the zone also ended up attending! It went okay and then we went home and I don't remember what we did.. But that night as we were getting ready for bed the phone rang and it was the assistants! I answered and they asked me to white wash (Two missionaries move into a new area together) And to train a new missionary there! I didn't sleep the best that night, I was too excited;) 

Wednesday I found out that I'd be moving back to Taibei! Into the South stake in a ward called XinDian! And spent the day packing and then teaching english class! It was a fun day! Sad to say goodbye to the class though! And to everyone else in the area! 

Thursday morning I came up to Taibei where we had meetings and waited to find out who we'd be training! It was fun! Sunny helped take my luggage up! And my companion is Elder Mueller from Montana! I really like him! He's awesome! 

Okay I'll try to tell you everything that happened yesterday really fast! It was awesome! We met our ward and they are super cool! Then we went finding and I got to ride a unicycle and then we met someone who was walking home.. He had been walking since June 1st. He walked around the entire Island and he was super cool! Just a young college kid! Then on the way home for dinner some people outside drinking and barbecuing invited us to eat with them! They had some really good chicken and we also got to try chicken foot! My first time! It was great! Then we went to a hospital and gave someone who passed out running a marathon on Saturday and hadn't woken up yet a blessing! His family was really grateful! Then we met someone who said he wanted to be baptized in like 3 or 4 days.. We set a date with him for August! He was awesome! 

Sorry that is so short! I'll tell you more about this place next week:) I love it all so far! Great apartment and nice mountain behind our house that we ran this morning! Our apartment even has a Bidet;) Hahaha 

Okay! The Church is true! We've seen tons of miracles already here! I love you all! Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Jensen!

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