Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Miracles!

This was quite a week! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We started off the week Monday by going to the beach in Danshui. It was beautiful! So cool to see the ocean and just relax and run around in some sand and stuff for a while. I think we drove like an hour and a half to be there for like 45 minutes and then drive home but it was still a lot of fun! 

Tuesday we had Elder Gary E. Stevenson and his wife speak to us!! It was an amazing experience. Super interesting to hear him speak. He is still getting used to being an apostle and he's really honest and open and humble about how inexperienced and stuff he feels! Kinda how you feel when you get on your mission, but probably super amped up! He knew the Jergensens and worked with president Jergensen! It was cool to hear him talk about him and to him! He kept calling him Jace.. It was really funny! He talked about Hard work, Obedience, Testimony, and language. Elder Matua and I really benefited from everything he spoke about! He also bore a very powerful testimony at the end! Really cool guy! 

Wednesday was normal.. Taught English class! It was fun! 

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we had no special plans.. Then Elder Anderton called and said a family wanted to feed us! We took a bus up to there house just up the mountain in our area with the Zone Leaders! When we got there we couldn't believe it. They had a normal house, a yard, a pool, and a hot tub. So different from the apartments that are everywhere. They also had a beautiful view of Taibei! The best part was we had a normal american Thanksgiving dinner!! It was a miracle. There were 3 families there all living here in Taiwan and it was cool to meet there kids and ask what its like growing up in Taiwan and stuff! They were all really nice and made Thanksgiving special! 

Friday through sunday were normal! Great Days! We have been meeting some really really amazing people! Unfortunately they haven't wanted to set up! We did find one new investigator this week that I'm excited about! 

Yesterday we met a girl that just moved here from New York and she had never talked to missionaries and her mind was blown! Interesting that there are people that have no idea what we are doing! She asked how we were selected for Taiwan and we told her we believe in prophets and modern day revelation and she said that was beautiful! Hopefully planted a seed for someday! 

We have had a lot of success in looking for less actives! Yesterday we had 5 at church! We also set a date with a lady that the zone leaders introduced on Saturday! 

Brother Lin had a great lesson and committed to come to church and then didn't come and hasn't been answering his phone.. We are hopefully meeting him tonight! 

Amber Chen is doing awesome and steadily progressing towards her baptism! She is super ready!! Hope it all works out!! 

Love you all! Have a wonderful week!! December here is going to go by way to fast.. It's a busy month! I'm excited! 

Love Elder Jensen! 

Sunset and View from the Chiles house.. This doesn't do it justice. More ocean!

The beach. 

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