Sunday, December 6, 2015

Where has the time gone?

I know I have been saying it a lot lately but the time continues to go faster and faster. It is weird because I feel like I've been here for a lifetime.. But at the same time I'm hitting 6 months since leaving this week and it feels like it was just a couple of days ago! 

This week flew by! Monday we didn't know what to do for preparation day so we went up to the exercise park and played some basketball! We didn't have a ball so we started by playing with some 5 and 8 year old kids cause they were the only ones there! Then we moved on to some college kids! It was fun to play a little bit! 

Tuesday we had our Zone meeting and it was a Christmas white elephant party! I got a little wooden massager thing! Wooooh!! Hahaha it was a great meeting and we learned about being believing and having faith! It changed the course of the week for sure! I have always thought that I had faith and believed and stuff but after the training I realized I was saying a lot of doubtful or negative things. Just little stuff like "What if they don't show up" Or something.. But we realized that it was having a big impact on us and we decided to change and become more faithful and believing! I am still working on it! But we saw some miracles this week and I believe it was because we were believing that we would! 

The first miracle happened on Tuesday! Right after meeting with Mark we were walking away and this lady said "Hey, you're the mormon missionaries huh? Come here!" We went and sat down and she was a 45 year old Japanese lady with great english and an 18 year old friend that she had brought there to talk about love and God. She told us that she was baptized into our church 20 years ago and now is not a member.. But she respects us and pretty much just turned the time over to us to talk to her friend (Satomi) about God. Satomi doesn't speak english or chinese very well though, but it was okay because Coco the older one translated for us! We talked about why we are here and prayed with them and then they were both crying and Satomi said it had reminded her of her grandma that passed away last year. Then we told her about eternal families and she said a prayer in Japanese to close! It was a super awesome experience! Then I got a Japanese Book of Mormon a few months ago for a guy that never met with us again and so I asked if we could meet again and give it to her and they said yes! Coco made a little cake thing for my birthday and Satomi gave me and Elder Matua some delicious cookies. Unfortunately Satomi's parents were pretty opposed to meeting with us so we weren't able to share much of a lesson but we did give her the Book of Mormon and introduce it to her! Hopefully her parents will change their minds and we'll be able to figure something out! She is ready! 

Second miracle was Thursday night. Wednesday night we prayed about where to go and decided to go walk along a river. We'd never done that before! But we went for it! And almost right away we ran into a super prepared girl! She said she had work at 5:30 and we checked our watches and it was 5:30 and we were like shoot..  And she said "You guys can talk to me though." So we taught her a lesson and met with her again Saturday and she brought a friend with her and they both set baptismal dates! It was awesome! We found another new investigator there as well. And a lady from the Dominican Republic that asked us if we'd been smoking because we were walking kind of slow and then turned out to be really interested and asked us for our number! Hope she calls sometime! 

So it was a really good week as far as new investigators! 

Friday we went to dinner at that nice restaurant of the investigator Bonnie again and it was great! Friday was really really cold! I forgot to say last week it was getting cold! But it is weird cause some days are still hot and some are freezing! I didn't bring anything to stay warm because I was so worried about being too hot in the summer that I forgot! But our investigator Amber texted us last night and said she was worried about us and bought us both coats! It is really nice and should keep me warm! So many amazing people always looking out for us! 

Thank you for all of the Birthday wishes! I had a great birthday! We went and ate lunch with Aaron and the zone leaders and Isabella Aarons friend. It was a pretty good meal! Then we had lessons all afternoon and it was really busy and fun! 

Last night we went to a fireside at the mission home and the missionary choir did their Christmas program! It sounded really really good! I'm excited for this Christmas season!!! 

I hope that everyone has a great week! I know that the Lord is mindful of us and is always taking care of us! As we choose to believe He is able to do amazing things in our lives! This week I will be pondering Mormon 9:21! Love you all! Miss you all! 

Love Elder Jensen! 

This is the only picture I took this week.. Where we get our Hair cuts!

​Forgot to say Amber is doing really well and should be baptized on the 19th. Her interview will be next Sunday! And.. I will see if Elder Matua has something better! 

Here we go!  Drinking some winter melon tea from a bag. 

Eating with Aaron Thursday night. 

And Bonnie Friday night!

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