Monday, December 14, 2015

Ups and Downs

Being a missionary has it's ups and downs! This past week has probably included some of my highest highs and my lowest lows. Still overall a really wonderful week though! 

We had a pretty normal week! No one can find any time to meet with us so that has been a little hard. But it means we've had some more time to find and we have seen more miracles finding! I will tell you about the best one! 

We were out walking around in this neighborhood knocking on doors and we knocked one in the basement of the apartment building. You can see it through the door in to the apartment. She opened and we talked for a second and she wasn't interested. Then we knocked on the door next to hers and it flew open and this mother was like "hey come in!" We weren't able to go in because there were no men over 18 there but we stood in the door and talked and she told us how they'd wanted to come to our activities and stuff and just felt bad cause they hadn't been invited. It was like they had just been there waiting for us! She had an 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son. Named Queena and Ryder!! They were all super nice and wonderful! They said they don't have a religion and we prayed with them and taught them a bit and they are awesome! Super prepared! I hope things go well with them!! 

On Saturday we took Amber to a nativity at the mission home. The missionary choir also sang again after! I absolutely love all of that Christmas music! It is so good! So powerful! Amber really liked it! 

Right after that we went to the adult session of Stake Conference where we heard some great talks about remembering the Savior on the Sabbath and councils! Sister Jergensen gave a talk in Chinese! Super brave.. It was good! Randy D. Funk from the 70 spoke as well. His talk was nice because it was in English! And he said he's impressed with the full time missionaries here. 

The next day we went back for more conference and Amber came with us! She liked it! Our Stake split! That's the goal we've been working for since I got here and we got it! Tianmu is now part of the North Taibei stake. Our Bishop is the new stake president so we will be getting a brand new bishopric! 

Amber had her baptismal interview after and she passed! She's been the high of the week! She is so ready for the baptism and she sent a text this week saying thank you for showing her how great life can be with faith in Christ! Super awesome! She also asked me to baptize her! I was there when we found her and have been able to see the whole process up to now! 

The low is that last night Elder Matua got called to train and that means I will be moving on Thursday! I hope that somehow I can still be here for the baptism.. I'm going to talk to president! We will see! Also I absolutely love serving here in Tianmu! All of the people are amazing and I have absolutely loved serving with Elder Matua! I'm super sad we only got one transfer together and that I'm leaving! So that was all a bit devastating! 

But it is okay! I have seen to this point on my mission that the Lord definitely has a plan for me and that he will take care of me. So I trust that this is what is going to be best in the long run! 

I've been re reading some conference talks and have been hit pretty hard by two things! First our leaders are amazing! They truly are men inspired of God and you can feel of their faith and power as you read their words. And the second is that the enabling power of the atonement is amazing and real! In the scriptures people never pray for their circumstances to change or for things they pray for the strength to overcome and change their circumstances. The Lord through is Atonement is able to give us strength to do things we otherwise could not do. That is amazing! 

Have a great week! I love and miss you all! Christmas is coming! Wooohooo! Pretty warm today.. doesn't feel like Christmas;) It is weird! 

Love Elder Jensen! 

Some of my favorite pictures taken here! Love the temple in the back! Amber is in the white. 

I drew some Bamboo! 

And Thanks Mom! Merry Christmas!

Also ran into this kid this week and he asked if we could take a picture together!

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