Monday, November 9, 2015

Transfers! Big surprises!

This last week started off as one of my harder weeks here.. I was feeling a lot of stress because I didn't feel like we were doing very well at anything! We weren't having many lessons and I was just a little discouraged! But it still went okay!

Monday Elder Marks and I went to a paper museum and Coldstone for our last preparation day together! It was a lot of fun! I made my own piece of paper;) and the coldstone was delicious!! 

One of the highlights was our English class. We are the little kids teacher and it is super hard sometimes and they get bored and it's rough. But this last week they had so much fun and it was a really really fun night! We were learning sea animals and we had pictures and cut them out and hid them all over the room and the kids took turns finding them and then we would learn the name of the animal and it was super great! They are all really good kids. Also there are two sisters and it was their second week coming. Their dad drops them off and goes to the older class and this last week he also brought his wife! After class he came up to me and said "Thank you so much, my daughters are so happy. I am so happy." And he had the biggest smile! I loved that! 

Then on that night we got the call that Elder Marks would be leaving on Friday! We went to Chili's for dinner together on Thursday night for our last night! It was a little expensive and really really good! 

Mark is progressing towards baptism! And the Brother Li that we met on Halloween is doing awesome as well! 

We had a really awesome miracle this week as well. We had a meeting scheduled with Mark and it was a little windy or something outside and we ended up moving the meeting place to a McDonalds in this mall by where we were. We had never met there before.. And as we were walking out after our lesson someone said 'Elders!" We turned around and a lady from our ward was sitting next to a friend! This friend had tears in her eyes and we went over and found out that her 18 year old son had just passed away and she was really sad. We were able to share about eternal families and the because he lives video and give her a Book of Mormon. She didn't want to meet with us again, but I know we were put in her path that day so that we could provide her with that message. I hope that it planted a seed in her. 

Transfers.. I was super nervous about transfers! I didn't feel like I would be able to get someone adjusted to this area and take care of everything and I was worried about who my companion would be and man.. It was the best thing in the world! I have had hard times talking with members and investigators in my first two transfers but this last few days everything has gone really well! It turns out that I can communicate with the people just fine! And I really love them all! I will be staying here in Tianmu for a long time I hope! After that transfer meeting I can tell you that I know the Lord is looking out for me and that President Jergensen is inspired by him. The last few days have been so so wonderful! I have enjoyed finding out on the street and talking to people which is something that I was really trying hard to just like and not dread before.. I love my new companion and I am so lucky I get to serve with him here in this wonderful mission! Hahaha I don't know.. I was trying to make this exciting and stuff but that's all I've got! My new companion is Elder Matua from Lehi:) Hahaha We are having an awesome time! And the work here is going to be amazing! It is so weird to talk about Lehi and stuff.. It is like we grew up together! So cool! 

This last week I was ponderizing Moroni 7:47-48. I was praying daily to have the pure love of Christ and really see my love for the people grow and it has! It was awesome.. Just throughout the week I have really started loving the people here even more! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love and miss you all! 

Love Elder Jensen! 

Paper place! There was a cool bamboo house thing..

Coldstone and the new companion

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