Monday, November 16, 2015

Best week yet!

I'm always pretty all over the place during emails! Every week is so full of things and I have a hard time remembering it all! But I will do my best! 

I forgot last Sunday a english ward member had us over to his house for a barbecue! It was delicious and super nice to be in a home that speaks english for once! 

Serving with Elder Matua has been awesome so far! We go out every day and just have a lot of fun! We talk to everyone we can and share with them and it is really fun! I'm really starting to love doing this work! We were able to find 4 new investigators this week and we also had a lot of lessons! It felt like a great week and we had a lot of people planning on coming to church! We were really excited.. Unfortunately only one ended up coming! But She is a newish investigator named Amber! She's a little hesitant to set a baptismal date but she is super great and really loved church! Our other investigator Brother Lin is doing really well but we can't get him to come to church! It is frustrating.. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders! I spent the evening in Shilin with Elder Dexter! He's a great guy! We went to the dentist cause his teeth have been hurting and it turns out he has a ton of super deep cavities.. He goes home right before Christmas so he's just waiting to get it all fixed there I think! Made me worried about my teeth;) I'll be flossing a bit more often from now on I think..

Hmm.. I'm trying to think of some exciting news from the week but I can't think of much! We were out finding a lot! Elder Matua's bike came so we are no longer walking! It was just a pretty great week I guess! 

This week I've been thinking about pride.. I read in Alma 39 and Corianton's problems all started because of his pride and boasting in himself. Out here I have realized if I start thinking I'm doing well because things are going good then they start to get harder.. But as I'm humble and rely on the Lord things are much better! That is my little spiritual share for the week! 

The Lord has blessed us all with so much! Let us remember that.. Even when things aren't going as well as we would like! It may seem he's not there.. But I promise that he is! Have faith and continue to seek his help! Have patience and eternal perspective.. Those are all things I'm learning/ trying to apply! This work is hard! But it is also really fulfilling! We meet so many great people everyday! 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 

Love Elder Jensen! 

In the elevator last night!

Lehi represent in Taiwan!
Aaron and last nights dinner..... Mmm Peanut milk soup ;)

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