Monday, August 3, 2015

Last Week Here

So a lot has happened this last week and I don't have very much to tell you about it!!

There was a great devotional last Tuesday about receiving personal revelation and the sacredness of prayer! I loved it!! Then yesterday we had another really good devotional that talked about how sometimes we have to wrestle with the Lord to get answers.. I don't know how to explain but it was good! 

I saw Elder Squire this week which was great! He seemed really good! Also he told me Ethan Garlick is coming to Taipei for his mission in December! Is that true? 

Um.. Elder Facer had to go to the dentist Wednesday so I got to drive through Provo with him! In the shuttle.. I wasn't driving.. haha it was weird. Kinda hard seeing so many places I'd been and made memories at but it was good too! 

I washed all my shirts and pants for the first time today before I leave.. That was crazy;) Don't worry they didn't smell or get dirty or I would have washed them sooner!

I've written in a journal everyday since being here.. I don't know I can't believe I've done that so I wanted to let everyone know! And maybe you all could try it! I imagine sometime we'll all wish we could remember some point in our lives and if we have it written that will really help!! 

We got our new all Chinese name tags! And travel plans! I leave on the 10th and fly to Tokyo and then to Taipei. I will land there around 8:30 PM on the 11th! Long flight.. But super exciting! I can't wait to get there!! I think the language will be hard for a little but it will be good! Also hopefully the food is good! I'm excited to embrace the people and culture!! 

This morning we got a little taste of Taiwan. Got absolutely soaked coming back from the temple! It was fun!! And really wet;) 

That is all for this week! I'm not sure if I will be able to email until the 17th.. We'll see what happens! 

Good luck with your week! Have a good one! Rely on the Lord!! He will take care of you! 

Love you and miss you all!

Elder Jensen
New name tag.
  Our Taiwanese teacher takes care of us.

 Soaked this morning coming back from the temple!
 Another haircut, short for Taiwan.

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