Monday, July 27, 2015

Almost 7 weeks

So I hope everyone got all of my pictures this week! I tried to break them up so it would work.. We'll see! 

First of all.. Thank you to everyone at the reunion that sent me letters! It was so fun to open all of them and hear from all of you! 

Elder Jackson is here! I have seen him a lot and it has been super great to catch up with him! He seems to be doing really well!! And I know more Chinese than him;) It is good to know I've really been progressing here. It is so good to have him around!

I guess I forgot to mention but like 2 weeks ago I had a temporary companion for Tuesday because his whole district left the day before him! His name was Elder Larsen and he was really cool! He was in the fast track and knew Chinese way better than me;) 

Last Sunday we went to Testaments in Mandarin! It was hard to understand most of it but I understood way more than I would have at the start! It was great! 

There is this game I have been playing a lot here called Spikeball! It is super fun! Everyone should look into it;) 

The weeks are still pretty much the exact same! Skype was good last Monday! We ended up skyping someone we had already taught that lives here in Provo.. It was still good though! Maybe tonight the person will be from Taiwan! 

This weeks devotionals were really really good! Yesterday's was super funny! The spirit is strong here! I love it here! But I am also looking forward to going to Taiwan more than ever! We will probably be getting travel plans on Friday!! We got mail from the mission president this week saying to be comfortable with lessons one and two and stuff! And he said there are 52 areas in Taipei and about 200 missionaries! 20 natives.. How hard/awesome would it be to have a native trainer?

One last thing..  Yesterday I was called to be the District Leader! This means I am in charge of getting mail and asking people to pray and stuff;) A few other things too! Kinda scary.. I hope I can do it well! I will do my best to keep the district on the right path.. I have big shoes to fill;) Elder Facer my companion has been it the last three weeks and he's awesome! 

I think that is all for this week! Have a wonderful week everyone! Remember the Lord and strive to grow and develop your faith constantly! 

Love Elder Jensen

One of the first few days.

Most of the disrtict.
Name tag
Our room

Elder Jackson 
Elder Jackson and Elder Curtis
Lehi Mandarin Elders

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