Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 2 in Tianmu

Hello Everyone!! 

I am adjusting well to being wet and sweaty all the time! It is always so nice when we go into a building and have air conditioning or there is a little breeze outside.

The biking here is pretty crazy! I am safe though and now that I'm used to it it doesn't seem much different from riding at home. Still safe. I had been riding an old bike from the elder here before me, but this week my bike came!! It was like Christmas! Hahaha so good! 

I didn't speak as much as I should have last week so my goal this week is to talk to everyone and really try to progress in the language.. I can memorize words but I'm not going to get anywhere if I don't start speaking and figuring it out! 

Last Monday we went to Taipei 101! It is soooooo tall.. Holy cow.. When I was next to it I couldn't even really see to the top. It was really cool and fun! Also we got some mango ice cream stuff the fruit here, especially the mangoes, are super good!!

So every morning we get up and exercise. We have a track super close and so two times this week I did some of the old track work outs. Intervals and stuff and with all the biking throughout the day I hardly got sore which was really nice. That workout made me sore for a week and a half at home;) It is fun to get some exercise in the mornings.

I'm not sure how far we bike everyday.. It doesn't seem too bad. Everything is usually within maybe 10 to 20 minutes. 

We have a lot of investigators. I haven't even met them all yet. I am having a hard time keeping track of all the names and stuff still.. but getting better:) We have one young man that is 15 pretty ready for baptism but his parents are against it right now. We are going to meet with him this week and are hoping that we will be able to get him baptized next month! I really like him! 

Everyone else that we have taught so far hasn't seemed very interested. I am really trying to learn how I can allow the spirit to work through me and touch them as we are finding on the street so that they will want to meet again! So far I haven't had much success with that.. But it will work out. 

We met a lady and her daughter and she talked to us for like 40 minutes. Her doing most of the talking. She said she has a lot of questions and people don't like that here and stuff and she said she really thinks about stuff and we gave her a Book of Mormon and got their number and I'm really hoping that we will be able to get in touch with them and hopefully start teaching them.

A lot of times people on the street are super nice and will talk to us forever and then at the end we will have said two prayers with them and stuff and then they'll not even want to give us their number or take a book of mormon.. Hahaha they are so nice they just sit and listen and then aren't interested at all. I think we probably need to make it more of a conversation. I would like to teach short powerful messages on the street that get people interested. We are going to try more of that this week I think. Cause Elder Marks has been teaching long lessons and doing most of the talking while they just listen and that hasn't worked out too well so far. He is 21 by the way! Just a side note! 

Hahaha I really am starting to like it here though. And the people in the ward are all super awesome I love them!! I am looking forward to another week with hopefully some more successful stories for next week! Also the time goes by a lot faster here than in the MTC I think.

I love study time in the morning.. There is so much good stuff in the scriptures everyone!! Tons!! 

Okay I think that is it from me this week! I will send pictures of everything! 

Oh and the sisters in the area next to ours asked me to baptize one of their investigators on Saturday I think! That will be my first time! and in Chinese;) ahhh! haha but exciting! Can't wait to have one that we have taught! 

Love and miss you all!! 

Love Elder Jensen!

Taipei 101 :D
Taipei 101!  So Tall!

And From the top!
 This thing holds the top of the tower in place ( gets pretty windy up there).

A friend we found on our run up the hill today.
This mornings run! Top of the hill.. Totally forgot my tag. Felt awful..

My Bike!!

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