Monday, August 31, 2015

Another week in the books here in Tianmu!

So this week was kind of crazy!! I'll tell you all about it:) 

Monday we went to the giant museum! It is called gugong here.. Not sure about english. The national museum of Taiwan or something.. There is an article in the Liahona that talks a little about it I read it today and it was super awesome I wished I'd read it before going! But if you search Jadeite cabbage in church stuff you can probably find it! I saw the Jadeite cabbage and tons of other art. Pots and clay and jade and paintings and mirrors and furniture.. They had it all! So much stuff it's crazy! And they cycle through it every season cause they have more! So that was cool!!

Also Elder marks friend from another area came and went with us and then helped us with a lesson that night! 

So Tuesday was probably the craziest day. I woke up in the morning with a really bad headache and so I didn't really work out and just took something for it and drank a bunch of water. Then I showered and still felt awful.. Then I threw up.. Hahaha crazy! Haven't done that in forever.. Then I laid down until we started studies and still didn't feel great.. Just weak and my head still hurt! But I prayed I'd feel better and by the end of studies at 12 I didn't have a headache or anything and just felt a little weak! It was great! I was able to go through out the rest of the day no problems:) Then Tuesday night.. We went up to a lesson with a family and on our way home we were a little late and in a hurry and a door popped open and Elder marks hit it! Then I slammed my brakes and grabbed the front one a little hard cause it works better and then I flipped up over the handlebars and landed on the ground next to Elder Marks;) hahahaha we were both completely fine though no worries:) But the poor lady that opened the door was so freaked out! She felt awful! But we promised we were okay and then were on our way.. After I realized we should have asked her to come to church and meet with us cause I don't think there's any way she'd say no after that;)

So there was that exciting story! 

Then a pretty normal week. Still don't have a lot of interested investigators so we are working on that! We found one guy that seemed super prepared and awesome and then he didn't live in our area! But hopefully he still accepts the gospel! 

I started talking a bit more.. It is scary but I'm getting better! Just gotta keep at it. This week was way better than last week as far as the amount I spoke:) Everyone says that I'm am doing well.. I have a lot of vocab but I don't know how to say stuff still and lots of times just not sure what to say.

We went on exchanges Friday and Saturday! I went over to Shilin with the zone leader Elder Anderton! He's from Seattle.. He is awesome! I learned a ton and it was a really really good experience. I learned I need to trust myself. We have been called of God to do this work. That should help  with the talking as I try to apply that.. Anyway I really loved that whole thing!

This week has been quite a bit cooler which has been really nice! But it has rained almost everyday which is less nice;) hahaha It is actually pretty fun! Just not getting your pants soaked and shirt and everything you have with you.. But the good new is.. My pants dry pretty fast;) 

Saturday.. I had the opportunity to baptized the Sisters sister! She was 16 or 17 I think! Anyway.. I learned the prayer that morning and was saying it all day trying to get the tones right! I was super nervous.. But it went great! I may not have said it as perfect as a native would have.. but I didn't have to do it again:) haha I also may have pushed her in the water a little hard.. But I'm learning;) 

It was a really cool experience! So cool to be a part of something like that:) I look forward to being able to help many more join our church and receive the wonderful blessings of baptism! I just need to figure out this teaching stuff:) 

When I introduce myself to people I show them our family picture and every time without fail they say something like this "Wow your mom is so young, so pretty!! Wow.. Wow so young, beautiful!" And then say how her and Brinn look like sisters and stuff! It is so funny! I love it:) They are all so nice! So Mom and Brinn.. Everyone here thinks you are beautiful:) Also lots think Brinn is my older sister for a second even though I introduce her as my younger sister;) And they don't recognize me because my hair is way different and I don't have my glasses on.. It's too much of a pain with the heat and sweat and rain.. They would get so dirty and stuff.. Anyway that was another exciting thing:)

We are focusing on bringing back Less actives cause there are so so so many it's insane.. And also on finding new people to teach! We have a few investigators we are hoping start to catch the vision of how this gospel can bless and change there lives! I want to find a good way to explain that to people when we are on the street.. The good news is there are tons of people here and so much work that can be done! We are just going to keep improving:) I feel like we should just be able to do it all right and stuff but this scripture helps me! Mosiah 4:27! We can only work as hard as we can.. We aren't expected to run faster than is possible. So I'm just trying to learn all of this and how to do it well and help people as fast as I can and I know it won't be all at once and isn't expected to be either. I feel like I should be able to do all this stuff and then Elder Anderton reminded me I've only been here in Tianmu like 2 weeks.. It's easy to forget.. I feel like I know some people pretty well and like I've been here longer:) 

Again the ward here is so awesome! So many nice people always willing to help us have a member present at lessons and always feeding us or sending home bags of fruit and stuff.. I feel bad! They're just too great!! Love them all! 

That's all from this week! Next week I hope to report some successes with investigators! I hope that you all have a blessed wonderful fun safe week! Take care! Don't forget your prayers and scriptures! 

Love you all! 

Elder Jensen

We eat this shaved ice with lots of chewy weird stuff and like beans and stuff in it! Pretty good:)

​I also tried some pig ear this week.. Not very tasty.. It was like crunchy! 

The Museum!

Baptism (That's Elder Anderton and Sister Coleman and Jensen)

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