Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy Father's Day! Also week 1 in Taiwan

August 8 is fathers day here because it is ba ba which is dad and 8 8;) 

So I am in Taiwan!! We had a super long flight out and then it all got started! I am sitting in an internet cafe right now! It is funny there are just rows of computers and tons of people playing video games;)

So Tuesday night after landing we just went to bed. Then Wednesday morning we ran to a park and then came back and did some service for the day in the basement of the church pulling out a ton of garbage. Wednesday was an extra day that they had no plan for because usually missionaries fly in on Wednesday night. So after service we got to go to the temple! Then we had pizza for dinner and attended the missionaries English class! It was really fun! 

Thursday we ran to the Chang Kaishek memorial and back and then filled out some paper work and had some training and then that night all of the trainers came and they put us with a random one and sent us out tracting for the first time! I was pretty scared! I didn't say much or understand too much.. but it was really good! By the end it wasn't scary either! 

Friday.. We got our companions and areas!! My companion is Elder Marks.. He is from Draper and he has been here a little over a year! His Chinese is way better than mine! I am serving in an area called Tianmu! I have been told I'm spoiled cause this is like the richest and most american area.. So it is pretty nice. Hahaha doesn't seem much like America to me;) but our apartment is pretty big.. And there are some nice cars out and about! 

Saturday and Sunday I spent meeting members and teaching a bunch of lessons.. Or listening to them;) 

The language: I don't know Chinese! Hahahaha I can understand some! Quite a bit if it is about certain things.. Like in our lessons I know most of what is said. But in sacrament meeting I had  a bit of a hard time! It will come though! In sacrament meeting I had to introduce myself and share my testimony! I was a little scared but just went for it.. I think it went okay! Everyone told me it was good! I have a harder time understanding when people are talking directly to me.. If they ask me questions I am pretty lost most of the time! So I'm excited to improve in that area! 

Food! I haven't had any bad food yet.. Some tastes not wonderful though. Hahaha I don't even know how to explain! But last night we ate at a members and he gave us some really good rice and beef and vegetables! It was kinda like something we would have at home! 

We just go out and hand out tracts and talk to people on the street to find new investigators! So far we haven't had too much success with that but it's only been like two days! Most people are pretty willing to talk! They just listen and then walk away.. Hahaha I haven't done too much of the talking yet with them though! 

Elder Marks has been here for two transfers already I think so he kinda knows his way around. I still usually have no idea where we are;) I'm working on it.. And another thing I'm working on is names! Everyone in the ward has like the same names and they are hard for me to remember! 

Our ward seems awesome! and Ward members and non members keep handing us food. They are all super nice!! 

Let me know if there are questions I still haven't answered! 

I have already felt the help of the Lord. Mosiah 4: 9  I definitely don't understand everything.. not even close. But I just have to trust that He does. He has a plan for all of us. And he loves us! Have a blessed week! 

I love all of you! Miss you too! 

Love Elder Jensen

Goodbyes at MTC!

Dedicatory Sight!
It is also super super hot here and humid.. I am like wet and sweaty almost all the time. But most of the buildings have air conditioning and that helps out a lot! 
A Members baptism!
 A GIANT spider we found in the church!
 My bedroom
 Out my apartment window.

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