Monday, August 10, 2015

No Letter Today, Headed to Taiwan!

Today there wasn't a letter but we got to talk to Briggs while he was at the airport. He sounded really good and is super excited about what's to come! He said that he got up at 4am this morning and he doesn't plan on sleeping on his flights. That way he'll be ready to sleep when he gets there. He will be flying to Portland OR then to Tokyo then onto Taiwan. He will arrive in Taiwan at 8:35 pm August 11th.  Which will be 6:35 am on the 11th for us.

Here is a quick picture he sent us from the airport.

This is a picture of Brinn with Briggs MTC companion Elder Hawkes.  He found out Saturday morning that his Visa didn't come through and he was being temporarily reassigned to Oakland CA. Brinn just happened to be flying home from Oakland and was going to be boarding at the gate he just arrived from.  She said he was super nice and said "Hi Sister Jensen" before she even said anything. They both were told to look out for the other.  Small world!

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