Monday, November 28, 2016

Great Week!

We This last week was great! 

I'm so grateful for Thanksgiving and how it reminds us to have gratitude! 

Monday night a family that I met a month ago and have been trying to find a time to visit them finally had time and let us over to their home! We got to meet them and then the mom came to church on Sunday! That was one of the biggest highlights of my week!! So awesome! 

Other than that our week was pretty normal! Really really good though! Thursday we went to Ikea for lunch.. They had mashed potatoes so that was like Thanksgiving! Then that night we had all you can eat pizza! It was pretty fun! 

The other highlight of our week was our wards Thanksgiving activity on Saturday night! They had turkey!! And we had 8 investigators come! Including Renee and Elain who are progressing really well! At the activity Elain told me her reason for attending was to tell me that she wasn't going to come to church again, but then she proceeded to tell me that she knows the Book of Mormon is true! So I consider that amazing progress! Now we just have to help her understand the importance of church and baptism and she'll be there! And her daughter Renee has now been to church twice and is really seeking to find the truth! She said she wants to assure that her soul can go to a good place when she dies! They are both so amazing!! It was a really fun activity and the ward here is incredible! 

We are super excited for the month of December! We have a lot of great investigators progressing! Tim also came to church on Sunday for the second time because his wife was in Japan! I think he enjoyed it. He said he didn't feel anything special though! It's all good.. He is going to find his answer eventually! 

The other exciting thing that happened was that our Bishop got released and a new one was called during church! We are really excited to make a big push to get the ward excited about missionary work as we work with our new bishop! He is feeding us lunch today! He is an awesome guy! He has 2 sons in high school and they are both really great as well! I can't wait to work with them! 

I'm super excited for this Christmas season! I just want to share my testimony that Jesus Christ really is our Savior and Redeemer. I feel the spirit most strongly at church and in lessons as we focus on Him. He is the light of the world and He can be the light of each of our lives! As we commit to follow Him we do not need to worry about anything except trying our best. If we do that all will be well! I love you all so much! I want to invite everyone to do the light up the world activity that the church is putting together!! 

Have a great week! I love you all! 
Love, Elder Jensen!

Thanksgiving lunch on exchanges! 

Thanksgiving Dinner!

Got to help decorate a tree!!! It was the best!

Thanksgiving,  Elain

Lunch with the new Bishop

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