Monday, December 5, 2016

Another Solid Week!

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! I'm sure today will be a wonderful day! It is off to a great start!

I don't have a ton of time so I'll just share some of the highlights of last week quickly! It was a really enjoyable week! 

We went on exchanges with Xizhi and it was a lot of fun! Elder Jorgensen and I were together. He has only been on island for about 2 months but he is a really good missionary. He taught me a lot! We got to go teach Renee and Elain together and it was an awesome lesson! They are both progressing really well! Elain doesn't want to come to church but Renee loves church and is learning so much there! One of my favorite moments from the week were yesterday when I called her and she said she was answering the questions in the back of one of the pamphlets we gave her! She is so cool! Also we rode our bikes with her to the temple yesterday for stake conference! It was sweet!

Then on Thursday we saw a huge miracle as we started to light the world! It was almost time to head home and we hadn't had any chances to serve yet for day one and so we started looking especially hard and didn't know what to do so we just ended up pulling over to pick up some trash we found on the side of the road. Well it turned out that one of the things we picked up was someones insurance card! So we started trying to find a way to return it and we asked a few people what to do and they told us to take it to the police station so we started over there and then asked one more guy and he told us that he would take us there! So we got to walk with him and get to know him! Then when we got there we asked him if he could meet again to learn more about the gospel and he willingly accepted! He was the most willing to set up of anyone I've met here in songshan! Christmas miracles have begun! And serving others is wonderful! 

Then Friday we had MLC at the mission office and it was fun to see lots of friends and learn and now we will be bringing it back to our zone this week! Should be fun! 

Those were the highlights of this week:) We have a few people we are hoping will be ready to be baptized in the next couple of weeks! Renee and then Alan and hopefully a couple of others! I love this work! It is so fun and fulfilling! 

I read a little talk about mastering our thoughts yesterday and I thought it was really interesting! As we become more aware of our thoughts we can weed out all of the negative ones allowing us to have more control of our situations and ultimately everything about our lives! I determined to try to be more conscious of my thoughts and make sure they are all going toward things that will be useful as I strive to serve the people here! I would like to invite everyone to try to be more positive this week! We can't control people but we always have control of how we respond to things! We can get beat down and upset or we can use the challenges as steps to help us grow faster! 

I love you all! Love, Elder Jensen!

1. Light the world in English class
2. Forgot this highlight! This family was so cool! A member in our ward set them up to come over to their house and meet us and it was awesome! Hopefully we can find another time to meet them. They weren't super interested but their daughter was!
4. Sweet family in our ward

Thanksgiving picture - Another blurry one with Renee

A couple of the people we started our mission with! The sisters will be going home the end of this month.

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