Monday, December 19, 2016


This week was really great! On Monday we went to Choir practice for the last time and it was really enjoyable! I love the missionary Christmas choir. I'm super excited for the concerts this Saturday and Sunday. 

Monday night we met with Renee and Elain. They are still coming along! Renee more quickly than Elain. We are hoping Renee will be ready on Christmas but she may need a little bit longer! 
Renee also came to English class and we met with her after and answered some of her questions. Then on Friday we took her to do a temple tour and it was so awesome. Right from the start the spirit was really strong and we helped her sort out some more of her questions and she really liked it! She says that she is waiting for the "moment" when she knows she should do it. So we are trying to help her have that moment! We are going hiking with her today! Should be a lot of fun and we are hoping to make the last few things click! We'll see soon:) Also she wore a skirt to church for the first time! She must be getting close if she decided it was time to dress like everyone else;) 

Her mom is really awesome too. She really loves the scriptures and has told us she knows Book of Mormon is true. But it hasn't clicked with her what that means. And she told us she likes us but doesn't come to anything because she's not interested in coming to church or being baptized! But she is feeding us dinner tomorrow night! And we are going to figure out what she needs:) 

This week most of the excitement all had to do with Renee's progress. But there were also a couple of other exciting things that happened that I'll talk about really quick! 

We met with a man on Tuesday and he told us he thinks the church is what he is looking for. He had a bad accident about 4 months ago and is just trying to put his life back together and he feels like the church is what he wants! He is super awesome and he set a baptismal date! 

Thursday we went on exchanges and Elder Zhou and I set up a mom and her daughter. On Saturday we met with her and she spent a long time explaining to us how she is super busy and also Buddhist. That usually means "I'm not going to want to meet with you again" But as she kept talking she ended up telling us how she grew up in a singe parent family and her mom took awesome care of her and her siblings and worked super hard and then 4 years ago she got in an accident and died suddenly and she never got to thank her and she was crying and then she said she wants to keep meeting and she feels like this message has power. That was a really cool experience! We didn't even say anything! 

Also that night we went Caroling with the Sisters in the Train station and it was super super fun! We met several cool people too:) 

To wrap up I want to invite everyone to read 3 Nephi 18:24! That is the scripture that I'm ponderizing this week! I feel like it fits perfectly for #lighttheworld it tells us to hold up our light and then explains that Jesus is the light and as we do what He did we hold him up! So cool:) I love Christmas and the scriptures! I hope everyone has an awesome week and a wonderful Christmas! 

Love, Elder Jensen

1.Birthday party for a little girl in our ward
2.Nice sky
3.The mom and her daughter 

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