Monday, November 14, 2016


We've started listening to Christmas music in our house and hearing it outside in some places as well!! Christmas is coming:)

This week went by pretty quickly.. This entire transfer has gone by extremely quickly! I miay be getting a new companion on Thursday. But I'll share some highlights and things! This week as far as people with baptismal dates go we lost almost all of them! But that is exciting because now all we have is room for improvement! I expect this week things will get back up to where they should be! We just have a lot of really solid people that haven't been able to meet or come to church so we will have to find some new ones and hopefully their time will free up as well! 

Also I want to say we live in the same building as our church just a few floors above it and it is so nice! Haha going to church Sundays is so quick! I love this area!

On Tuesday we went to Jilong and attended their district meeting! It was really cool to go there! Got to see the port and see how the Jilong district was doing! At the start Elder Zhou had us all go in the bathroom and talk in the mirror again! It was pretty fun and effective! 

Wednesday I started talking about Christmas for the spiritual share of my English class! I'm planning to get everyone really excited about Christmas so that we can really enjoy the spirit of the season together:) Also I'm hoping to be able to help some people be baptized on Christmas Eve! That is the perfect time! 

Thursday I went on an exchange to Neihu with Elder Cheney! It was really cool to be able to go over there and see what they've been doing to establish the church there! I also had the chance to perform a baptismal interview for a 10 year old boy! He and his mom were baptized together last Saturday! Super awesome:)

Friday we met with Tim for the second time of the week and had a really powerful lesson! We talked more about recognizing the Holy Ghost and finding feedback and also shared some things he thought were really interesting from the Doctrine and Covenants! He's finished the Bible and Book of Mormon I don't remember if I said that last week! But now he is working on the Doctrine and Covenants! The member we brought shared a really powerful testimony and the spirit was really strong and we asked Tim how he felt and instead of saying he feels nothing like he has in the past he said it feels like the courts of Heaven!! He is starting to slowly figure it out! We love Tim! 

Sunday 2 families said that they'd be coming to church but neither of them did. That was too bad! But Sunday night we saw a big miracle! We went to a less active members home and asked if we could meet his wife! She came down and had a big smile and welcomed us and then we shared a little scripture and set up to come and help their family do a family home evening this week! They are both currently members of 2 separate churches! The One that was baptized into our church has some troubles because he is a strong believer in the trinity! They are a really interesting family and I can't wait for family home evening with them! 

Now for the big miracle! Christmas! In addition to being able to hear awesome music and share great stories, scriptures and songs with my English class we have also been talking about Christ and Christmas in member visits! It has been really powerful as we ask them their favorite stories about the Savior and what influence He has had in their lives and then start to talk about how happy Christmas is and how great it is to believe in Christ! We then ask who they know they could share this message with and we have received several referrals on the spot! That is something I've really struggled with my whole mission but Christmas is working miracles:) 

So in preparation for Christmas I'd like to close with my testimony of Christ. I know that He lives and loves us. I know that He atoned that each of us can overcome our personal weaknesses and sin. And I have seen as I strive to model my life after His that a different kind of peace and happiness comes into my life. Something that can't be found anywhere else. I'm so grateful for Him and His perfect example. 

I love you all! 

Love, Elder Jensen

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