Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving this week! 

Last week on Tuesday we ended up talking a little bit about gratitude! And it was really powerful! I was reminded once again how truly grateful I am for so many wonderful things! Everyday I go out the door and I'm grateful to see the beautiful streets and building of Taiwan! I have seen the constant blessing and guidance of Heavenly Father throughout my mission! And I"m so so grateful for every day I have to be here! 

This week we saw lot of miracles! Wednesday we found out that Elder Seamons and I would be staying together for another transfer and we were excited about that! Then we went to lunch with our neighbor! She said she wanted us to help her translate something but then it turned out she just wanted to be our friends! We are hoping that that will lead to starting to teach her and her family here this week! 

Thursday we had a blast and a lot of success.. We were sitting in studies and we were thinking about how we haven''t ever felt that street finding was very successful and then we were brainstorming what else we could do and then we thought "What does our ward need?" and we decided we need leaders. Then we were like well lets go to businesses.. And we remembered a missionary had made a survey a few months ago so we decided to try going to businesses and asking them to take the survey! Well when it came time to go do it we were both pretty scared.. It felt pretty foreign and we weren't sure how it was going to go! Going to businesses where people are working doesn't seem like the best idea.. But we decided to just exercise some faith and courage and go for it! Well it was so much fun and super effective!! Everywhere we went we met people that never have opportunities to meet missionaries and we found several people willing to meet again! Most lived in other areas, but we found one awesome man that lives in our area! It was a really great experience and will definitely be something we keep trying! Especially in the early afternoon because people are on there lunch break or just coming back and they are pretty nice! 

Then Sunday we had 2 small families come to church! A mother and her daughter (Elain and Renee) And then another mother and her 2 year old son! It was nice to have some new people come! Also a man walked in and said he hadn't been to church in 3 years and now we'll be able to start working with him too! There are miracles everyday!! 

I love you and miss you all! Don't forget all the things you are grateful for! 

Love, Elder Jensen!

1. Our old district
2.Lunch with our neighbor and her friends
3.One of the businesses we went to gave us this picture! Super sweet!
4.After a lesson! 

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