Monday, October 3, 2016

Water:Typhoons and Baptisms

This week was super sweet!!

So Monday Amber Chen from Tianmu came and picked us up and we went to the north coast, but because of the typhoon on the way we weren't able to see the things near the ocean we were hoping to see! It was still really nice I'd never been up in that area! Then we ate a really tasty lunch/dinner full of some interesting things! We ate shrimp, duck, noodles, squid and shark! The squid and shark were actually super super good! I loved it all! 

Tuesday was super weird! For the first day of my entire mission we didn't go out at all! Because of the typhoon we were told to stay inside all day! We made calls and cleaned up a little bit and then read some good Liahona articles and scriptures and had some good apartment bonding time! It was pretty nice to charge up a little bit.. It felt pretty weird though! 

Wednesday we had district meeting and then ran into a ton of really prepared girls. They set dates on the street and were all pretty receptive! Hopefully we will be able to smoothly pass them off to the sisters for teaching! That night we also had english class and there were only like 6 people. Much less than last week!

Thursday we went back up to Wulai the village and we were able to meet the less active from Utah! His family all still lives there. He left home when he was about 15 and came to Taiwan by himself. Said he found himself wandering through Europe staying in hostiles and now he is building a hostile here. Really cool guy! And the girl there is pretty interested in the church. Right when we started the lesson she started crying and saying she knows it's true! Pretty cool experience:) 

Then on Saturday all the work of the last 2 transfers came together! That morning Sean the boy Elder Mueller and I invited to church when we ran into him waiting for an investigator the 3rd week we were here got baptized into the other Elders ward!! It was really cool to see something as small as a "Do you want to come to church?" Lead to him being baptized!! Then later in the afternoon our ward had 2 baptisms! One of the Lin families daughters turned 8 and was baptized and then with her Jian Yu Cheng the son in the less active family that we were teaching was also baptized!! It was awesome!! So cool to see that whole family all there together and especially to see them together at church the next day! I'm really excited for them and I hope that we can help them start progressing toward being sealed in the temple! 

Last night I said goodbye to Elder Matua.. He flies home this week! I'm going to miss him like crazy! 

I'm really grateful for all of the blessings we've been able to see here in this area over the past 3 months! It has been awesome to see it grow from nothing to an area with some solid progressing investigators and a baptism to finish it off! It really is such a huge blessing to be able to participate in the work of the Lord! I would invite you all to try it! There are so many simple ways to reach out to those in need and I promise that it will bring added joy to your life! 

I hope everyone was able to really enjoy conference!! I've been dying for the last month or so.. I'm so excited to watch! You are all lucky you get it a week early:) But it's almost here now! One thing I've really come to treasure on my mission is the instruction of the Prophet and Apostles! It is so inspired and uplifting. I hope we can all make an effort to really apply the things they teach us:) This week I'm ponderizing 3 Nephi 1:13! It is my 52 week in a row to ponderize. I haven't done it as good as I'd like but I have had a scripture each week and it has greatly increased my appreciation for those scriptures! Don't be afraid to change! Change brings growth:) 

I love you all!! Have a great week!

Love Elder Jensen!

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