Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Last week feels like a really long time ago because of the extra few days we had this week before temple day but I'll do my best to remember all that happened! 

The first couple of days last week were pretty normal! Then on Thursday we went to the mission office to go on exchanges with the assistants! It was really fun and we were able to learn a lot about how we can help our zone improve! They said the biggest thing is just to be an example! So that is our goal! We want to have a model area! 

Well when we went home from exchanges we started seeing miracles immediately! We met with a referral for the first time and he was incredible! He just opened a restaurant and it isn't going so well! But he has a huge desire to learn about God and the gospel and he has a ton of questions! Tons and tons of questions! We went back and saw him last night and he's already read up to 2 Nephi! Super awesome! He set a baptismal date and is really searching for feedback from God! 

Then that night our investigator Austin texted us and asked if we could meet. We had our scripture study class so we invited him to come. He has been really down on himself because he worked super super hard to learn English and then all of the sudden he got a stutter that he is really self conscious about. Anyway as we were learning from the scriptures he started telling us how he's been praying to understand why this has happened and he thinks he's gotten an answer. And throughout the progress he's studied a ton about speech problems so now he feels he can use that knowledge to help others and turn his weakness into a strength! After that we met with him and talked about baptism. He told us that he feels like him being baptized would really bless him and his mom! Super cool guy! He struggles to come to church at 9 in the morning because he has insomnia but he was able to get himself up and come over by like 10 which was super awesome! 

The last miracle was Sunday we went to meet a former in his home! He was super awesome and is really really family oriented. He told us how before his kids were just too small and it was hard to come to church and stuff but now they're a bit older 6 and 4 and he's willing to try! We told him how the gospel will help him quit smoking and how it will bless him and his family and he was really willing to give it another try! He also set a baptismal date! We are hoping soon we can meet his wife as well! 

Oh sorry one more! Monday we went on exchanges with Neihu! I was with Elder Wadsworth and we were going around trying to visit members and finding along the way! Well we saw this door and we were like that looks like a nice door lets knock it! And this really cool couple opened the door! They have two daughters who were at school! They both looked super young but they apparently have a daughter who is a senior in high school. They have a pretty cool looking house and they just seemed like really interesting people! Well they talked with us and we started sharing about how we share a special message for families how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless them. And then the wife said to us "I don't know why but lately I have been thinking about checking out church. I don't know why I've never done it before but lately I've just been having this desire! I even told my husband about it" And then the husband is like "yeah she's been talking about checking out church" And then they're like "Then the church just came and knocked on our door" Haha it was super super cool!! I'm really excited to start working with them! They opened a coffee shop 3 months ago, pray for them;) 

And on top of that Elder Seamons and Elder Cheney went and met with another referral, a man and his wife, and I guess they are the most prepared people ever. They said that they were just super super excited to learn and they have a large desire to become a part of a church. They said the spirit was really strong as they shared the restoration with them! I can't wait to meet them! 

So, things are just taking off here! We are really excited to work with these great people! The Lord has really blessed us and we are so grateful for all the help. I love you all and I know the Lord will guide and help you as you seek after him! It may be fast or it may take years but it will come! Be safe and have a wonderful week! I love you all!

Oh also yesterday we ate lunch with President Day the mission president before President Jergensen at a members house! There were lots of people there and it was the best food I've ever had and I forgot to take a picture! I'm sorry!

Love, Elder Jensen!

1. Amber
2. Had dinner with Austin and his family
3. From the roof

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