Monday, October 10, 2016


This week started off with a fun Preparation day! We just went to lunch with some friends and played a board game! It was my first time ordering fish.. It was super good! 

Tuesday night we met with a lady named Dharma that was handed off to us from Ankang and she is amazing! It was the best lesson I've ever had as far as an investigator understanding. She studied to be a nun before and her knowledge of spiritual things is just a bit higher than usual! She asked us to explain how we feel the spirit and then we asked her to explain her and she shared two experiences. One was when she prayed and asked if she should be baptized into our church. She didn't say much just that she got an answer! It is the best when people are willing to act for themselves like that! For some reason we really struggle to help people understand to ask God for  questions like that or if the Book of Mormon is true so it is nice that she just got it! Does anyone have any tips for helping others figure it out? 

And then the big change came! Wednesday I found out that I would be moving to Songshan! I am pretty excited to be here because this is where Elder Matua was serving right  before he left! Which also means I got to see him one more time on Thursday! But it is a great area and the ward is super awesome! Also I will be zone leader here! That will be interesting! And Sister Miller (also from Lehi) just moved here as well and is now in my ward. This is also where Elder Diepeveen started his mission. I guess it's just the place for everyone from Lehi! I really like it here so far and it looks like we have some pretty solid investigators that I'm really excited to start working with! 

Conference was super awesome! Our mission has really been pushing to improve member missionary work and there were some awesome talks about how now is the time to work together! I would invite everyone to follow the steps given by Elder Dallin H. Oaks! We are going to trying to implement them in our ward here as well! I also really loved the talk by Russell M. Nelson about joy and the talk about believing in Christ by Elder Bednar! Lots of great stuff:) Also we watched part of conference with some guy from LA that goes by Kaskade and does dubstep shows all over the world! He's a really nice guy. Flew in yesterday morning and wanted to come to church before his show! 

People in our area seem really really different from other areas I've served.. I don't know quite how to explain but yeah! Our bishop fed us dinner last night and his house is pretty nice! I don't know hopefully I'll be able to share more next week! But I love it here so far! Our apartment doesn't have a bidet anymore though so thats too bad;) 

Either next week or the week after will be temple week so we will email on a different day! Don't freak out if I don't email just know that I love you all! 

I just want to end with a little more about joy! I have seen that it is true! Even though there are pains and struggles and stuff I feel full of joy and hope! When we live the way that God has commanded us we can find joy and learning even in the lowest of lows! That isn't to say that they won't hurt but they can be something we value and appreciate! What a wonderful plan!! 

I love you all! Have a great week! 

Love Elder Jensen! 

Oh one last thing! I've wanted to see the firework show from taibei 101 my whole mission which I thought would be impossible.. But I will most likely be here for the new year and guess what I can see from the window in our apartment!!!!;) Love you all!

Pics: 2 goodbyes and a new companion!


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