Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

This last week was a really great week! Really busy! 

Tuesday we went down to Yilan to attend their district meeting and go on exchanges with Elder Shi and Elder Lawrence who were down there! It was a ton of fun! Yilan is a super super beautiful area! I was on exchanges with Elder Lawrence. He is in training right now, but I learned a lot from him! He had a super selfless attitude and wanted to help others. I have been trying to implement what I learned from him and really help those around me feel of my love and care for them! 

We came home Wednesday afternoon and went straight to Neihu to do a baptismal interview for another member of our zone! The interview was for a girl named Debbie and she passed! She also fed us dinner after! She is super excited to get baptized and it was awesome to see that!

Friday we spent all day at the mission office for our leadership conference! It was awesome to learn from President and all of the other missionaries there! I'm really excited for the trainings they shared with us and can't wait to share them with our zone tomorrow! I think they will help a lot! I'll share an experience from the meeting that was really powerful to me! Thursday night as I was kneeling in prayer I was feeling that the quality of my prayers was really lacking and that I needed some help to figure out how I could make my prayers meaningful and so I prayed that I might know what to do! Then during the meeting the next day we were talking about being good shepherds and then all of the sudden President started talking about prayer and using it as a time to really ponder and think and have a conversation with God. It seems simple, but it was exactly what I needed and what I had prayed for the night before! I was really surprised how directly and quickly that answer came. The next day I spent a lot of time in prayer trying to ask Heavenly Father what I could do to help our investigators and then listening to my thoughts and feelings for His answers. It was by far the best experiences I've had with prayer in a long time and I was able to do some extra things to help in the progression of the people we are meeting with that I wouldn't have come up with without those prayers! I'm so grateful that through prayer we truly can communicate with our Father in Heaven! Don't take that for granted:) 

Saturday we met with a man named Eric that we met a few weeks ago! But this time his wife joined us and we had a girl in our ward come as well! Eric and his wife have 2 little daughters and they were really impressed with the member we brought and how independent she seemed and stuff! It was a really really good lesson and they have a really huge desire for a happy successful family! They are already super awesome! But we shared the restoration with them and invited them to read the Book of Mormon as a family daily! They accepted! It was awesome:)

Saturday night we also met with Tim. He is doing awesome! He will probably finish the Book of Mormon this week! He hasn't gotten an answer yet that it is true though and he feels like its been a long time.. He is also still concerned about coming to church until he gets a sign or testimony! So we are really praying for him and hoping we can help him find his answer and bring him to church! 

Also I heard from Elder Mueller this last week that Dharma who we began teaching together got baptized last week!! I'm so happy for her! She is a super super awesome lady! It sounds like the ward is just going nuts with missionary work over there too! Can't wait to bring that to our ward here!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 

Love, Elder Jensen

1. Playing with my camera
2. We went ice skating as a district
3. cool
4.Dinner with some members in Tims restaurant

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