Monday, September 26, 2016


It was a really good week! 

Monday we went for a hike with Sunny and Elder Tan my last companion and it was quite nice! It's always great to see Sunny! 

Tuesday we had a nice District meeting and then did some finding! It was a pretty okay night! 

And then Wednesday things started getting crazy! So Elder Mueller and I teach the children's English class and we usually have between like 3 and 10 people come. Well out of nowhere 29 people showed up to the class and it was just insane trying to teach all of them! The kids are always pretty loud and crazy but the parents help keep them under control and it was really fun to have so many!

Then on Thursday we decided to go to Wulai a village up in the mountains of our area because all of our lessons canceled for that day and our bishop gave us an assignment to go and find a less active member up there! Well we got up there and had no idea where to go.. So we said a prayer and started knocking on doors! The first woman to answer let us have a lesson with her and then she took us around to all of her surrounding neighbors and asked them if we could share with them too! It was a huge miracle and we got to meet quite a few of the village people there! It is really interesting because they are all aboriginals and most aboriginals are Christian so it suddenly felt like a completely different part of the world and we were contacting Christians instead of Buddhists! After meeting a lot of neighbors she helped us find the less active man we were looking for! He was happy to see us and told us that he likes our church but there's a church right next to his house and it is a lot closer and he's been going there for 10 years. I think he has a lot of potential to come back though and hopefully bring a lot of the village with him!

After dinner we went to find the woman who took us around to meet her neighbors and thank her. She let us in to her home where we found one of the biggest surprises ever! A 19 year old boy from London who has been staying with them for 2 weeks because he met a guy named James whose family is all members of our church (James is a less active) and came over here to help him start a hostile in the village. It's hard to explain.. Any way he was really curious about our church and said he is definitely going to check it out when he goes back to London next week! It was so cool to sit down and talk with him and get to know him. He was a mechanic for a team of racers that drove ferraris and lamborginis before he got in an accident and lost use of one of his arms! But the fact that we went up there and were able to meet him and that family that day testify to me that the Lord really is organizing everything for us!

Then Yesterday evening the young boy we've been teaching passed his baptismal interview and he will be baptized on October 1st!! I'm really glad that we will be able to get a baptism during training! That is pretty important! 

It was a week full of miracles! We also had 3 people with really really great potential come to church. Two of them Darma and Allen have baptismal dates for October and are on track! It has been so cool to see this area grow and start to have people progress toward baptism! I love my mission and all of the amazing experiences I've been able to have here so far. 

I'm super excited for conference.. Have to wait an extra week but its going to be awesome! I invite everyone to watch it and go in with questions! It can change your life:) 

I love you all! Love Elder Jensen!

1 and 2 : the hike

3: The view from our dinner in Wulai! 

A couple more

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