Monday, September 19, 2016


Oh This last week was really great! I'll share a few quick highlights! 

Monday we had a lot of fun going to a trampoline park. They had some super bouncy trampolines and I was able to jump up and touch the ceiling like 30 feet up! Super fun!

The rest of the week we had a lot of rain and it was all great! Wednesday there was a typhoon in southern Taiwan and it was the strongest wind I've ever been in. It was really really fun! You could full on lean in to it and not fall over! This week was also the mid autumn festival so it felt like Saturday for like 4 days in a row because people had work and school off and were out barbecuing and stuff!

Thursday we started to see miracles despite all of the rain! We came and found George in the internet cafe and he told us that he found a job and then he told us that he loves the feeling that reading and praying and church gave him and he'll do anything he can to have that feeling! So he is still hanging on and progressing! Then we decided to bike up a mountain that we haven't biked up yet and when we got to the top we met a woman and her sister waiting at a bus stop! They were pretty cool and we were able to have a lesson with them then they said maybe they'd be willing to meet. Well that night we called them and they said "Hey can we go to church on Sunday?" Super big miracle! And they came and they really enjoyed it and will be coming back next Sunday! They are really awesome! 

Also Allen the man that met missionaries five years ago came to church on Sunday and is progressing really well!! 

Things are going really awesome here! I'm really bad at sharing details I'm sorry! But one more miracle! Last night we were out walking around and we ran into this couple and the woman started saying how her mom is Christian and wants her to learn. Then she said she loves Jesus but hasn't felt his love for her yet. We prayed for them and promised they'll be able to come to feel of that love and then we set them up for church and they were like we are so happy to have met you both! We hope you can help lead us to Christ. We want to be his lambs! 

That was by far the most prepared group of people I have ever contacted! I know that the Lord is preparing those around us! We just have to be prepared to find them! He loves them and He loves you! 

I love you too! Have a great week!

Love Elder Jensen!

Trampoline park 

Spider out our bathroom window!

Leaning in the wind!

A picture from the ward blog. 

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