Monday, September 12, 2016


This was another pretty sweet week! Things are really picking up here:)

So on Monday we went and made pottery with Sunny, Jerry, and some other missionaries. It was really fun. My pottery skills need some work!

Then on Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Hogge from Kansas! He's been here just about 2 weeks! We had a lot of fun and saw some nice miracles! Also we ran into these college students and I asked the man what his name was. He said it was Kevin.. Well then I asked his girlfriend what her name was and she said Shana.. Hahaha I don't know how that happened but I ran into a couple with the same names as my parents! I thought that was pretty exciting! 

We also met with a man found by Elder Hogge and his companion that lives in our area and he is super prepared. He met missionaries 5 years ago and then moved to China but he has continued to read the Book of Mormon and now he shares a lot of testimonies with us about how he knows the Lord has been preparing him! He currently works the night shift and can't come to church but his hours are going to be changing here soon and then he will come to church and then be baptized! Really awesome guy named Allen!

It rained pretty hard a few days this week and we got nice and soaked! It had been quite a while so it was nice to remember what it's like riding around all day feeling like you're swimming in your Sunday best;) I guess a Typhoon is supposed to be on the way this week! We'll see if we get to see it this time or not! 

Update on George.. We went to the internet cafe on our run Thursday morning and he was here! We found out a bit about what happened. His mom basically flipped out at him and won't let him come to church. He told us he still has a desire to be baptized though. But he started smoking again because of a lot of stress! Now our plan is to help him find a job so that his mom will be happier and then help him get baptized! He just needs a little extra push he's pretty close! 

Also the young guy with the same name as me who is the son of some less active members came to church again on Sunday for the second week in a row! He's a super cool little guy! He walks in with his mom and brother and then he comes and finds his seat in between me and my companion! We haven't talked to him a ton but I feel like we are best friends! 

Yesterday when we walked in to the church there was also a surprise waiting for us! Amber Chen who got baptized right after I left Tianmu came to visit us! It was super cool! I haven't seen her in 9 months so it was really fun to catch up with her a little bit! She is doing really well! 

Now to share a little testimony: I'd just like to share what I shared in fast Sunday last week. I was thinking that morning about my mission and some of the things that have happened. There have been a lot of things that we've gotten really excited about and then they've fallen through. We've seen people go from wanting to be baptized to blocking our number in a matter of seconds for no apparent reason.. Those things can be pretty hard. But as I reflected on those things I realized that each time something happens it is followed up by a miracle or a different experience giving us needed comfort from our Heavenly Father. I know that He is in the details of our lives and that He truly loves us! Because of Him those trials and challenges are swallowed up in joy and hope for the future! Never give up on that hope! I know as we continue faithfully we will be blessed and guided!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 

Love, Elder Jensen


1-5. Pottery Place
6.Giving myself a haircut
7.Finished haircut/ Our friend Cynthia in Ankang got baptized!
8. Amber!

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