Monday, April 4, 2016


This was a really good week I think! It's all kind of a blur! Nothing as crazy as last week but still really solid. We were able to meet with the couple Shelly and you a few times last week and we taught them the word of wisdom and they committed to live it so that was really exciting! They didn't make it to church yesterday though so they will not make the baptismal date of the 16th! That is okay though they really like the message and they are working hard to live in accordance with the teachings of the gospel! I think they will get there:) I don't know how to describe them.. They just work together and have a great unity that is not seen very often! They are super young too and just working hard and trying to be happy! Pretty special group! Last time we were able to talk on Saturday Shelly still hadn't had any coffee or tea which when we shared on Thursday she said she loved! Super cool! 

Hmm.. The investigator Egg is still on track to be baptized on her birthday next week! Looking forward to that! She is great! Also An An is doing super well!

Lets see here.. This week was the first time I haven't worn a coat since like December and it was really nice! Also really really hot already! Crazy how fast the weather changes like that! 

Now I will tell you about China! Most of the people that I have met from China have been extremely prepared! Well we met this girl on Tuesday and she was extremely prepared and from China. We were in this store and she came in and started calling Elder Diepeveen tall and super handsome! Hahaha she called him extremely handsome a good number of times;) But we just pretend like we don't understand and keep talking;) Anyway we set her up to meet with us again in 2 hours and when we went back she was sitting there waiting for us. We sat down with a member and her and we were talking and she was starting to say he was handsome again and I was getting worried that she didn't have any interest in the gospel and just thought Elder Diepeveen was the most attractive person she'd ever seen. Well shortly after that she suddenly said 'What are you guys here sharing? Tell me everything" We then were able to share the whole first lesson with her and it went incredibly well! She would stop us and ask questions if she didn't understand (Which hardly ever happens) and she'd listen and then say okay keep going and it was super cool! Then at the end of the lesson she accepted a baptismal date and said if she knew it was true of course she'd be baptized. She also told us that she felt like we had shared quite successfully! I've never had an investigator evaluate our teaching before, it was pretty cool! 

That was pretty much our week! Except for yesterday a member in our ward brought a sister moving here from Taibei to church. She has a friend there that is a member but she is not. She seemed quite interested! Super great to see the excitement and help of the ward continue to grow! It has been amazing. The mission started emphasizing working with the members and we have suddenly seen miracle after miracle finding investigators through the ward! I'm still learning how to do it but so far it is going really well! 

Also just wanted to say congrats to Brinn! She is killing it in track so far! Don't let it get to your head;) 

I have been reading some chapters in the Book of Mormon that are about the Savior and it has been really interesting! For some reason I never realized how much each of the chapters in the Book of Mormon is about Christ until I had preach my gospel tell me;) But it is true! There are so many powerful verses about him! I love it! I love the Book of Mormon! I know that it is true and that it brings blessings into our lives.

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Love Elder Jensen!! 

The bikes we've been riding in Zhunan. They are tiny!

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