Monday, April 18, 2016


This week was a great week! I'll share a few highlights with you! 

Monday we went to that trampoline park again! I always love it there! 

Tuesday and Wednesday I have no idea what happened;) Just English class and district meeting and the usual stuff!

Thursday Elder Marks came on exchanges with me in Xiangshan to do An An's baptismal interview! It was a lot of fun to get to be with my trainer for one last time! He goes home this week! Also earlier in the day An An's caretaker called and told us not to go for the interview but we decided to just go anyway and do the interview even though she might not let her be baptized right away! An An passed the interview with flying colors and is looking forward to being baptized on May 1st. 

Then Egg! Egg got baptized on Saturday!! It was super awesome! Throughout teaching her she never had any problems or questions and just kind of accepted everything we taught her. We kinda worried that she didn't really care and was just kinda doing it to do it, but after she was baptized she got up and bore a really moving testimony and shared how grateful she was to have been able to learn about God and be baptized. Then she started crying! Pretty great! 

Sunday she was confirmed and it's now all official! 

Sunny continues to be super awesome! She did some wonderful things for us this week! She fed us lunch at a pretty nice restaurant twice throughout the week and she brought food for dinner on Sunday for us! She is always taking care of us and I'm not going to complain;) We love her! She also came to An An's with us last night and helped us figure out all of the caretakers concerns so we could get that all worked out! She just talked with her in a way that really helped her relax about being baptized and I don't know, it's hard to explain but it was awesome! 

Then the other highlight was coming home from church on Sunday! We met that couple Sister Li and Brother You a few weeks ago but for like a week and a half they haven't been answering our phone calls and we were really worried about them! Well as we rode by where they live we ran into Brother You outside and it was the best!!! He said that they have just been super super busy lately.. They are working 4 jobs between the two of them! But they still really want to come to church and meet with us so that is good! We got to meet with them for a few minutes that night and it was wonderful to see them again! I'll send a picture they're the best! 

And that is about the sum of our week! Sorry it's a little short this week! It was a really good week! Also this week is transfers and Elder Diepeveen and I have both been here the same amount of time.. We think one of us may move but we have no idea! We'll see! We'll find out tomorrow. I'll let you know next week! 

Hahaha we woke up at 3 this morning to email before going to the temple! Wish us luck the rest of the day.. I'm already feeling a little funky;) 

Have a wonderful week! 

Love Elder Jensen!


Elder Marks



Two awesome investigators. 

Li and You

An An and Wan Xun

Some people that told us they had homework to talk to foreigners!

The district. 

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  1. Ahhhhh,grandpa and I love to hear about your work and success. We hope you get our last email, please let us know.
    Love us