Monday, April 25, 2016


Last week was a great week! We got the opportunity to attend the temple twice! Once for our preparation day and once with our ward for ward temple day because we brought Sunny to do baptisms!! 

I am still here in Xiangshan with  Elder Diepeveen. Neither of us moved and so we are looking forward to another great transfer here! We have so many people that are so close to being able to be baptized, and they really want to but they are younger than 20 and need parent or guardian permission. So we are really working to get that! It's hard cause neither of them have parents here in Xiangshan. 

Hmm.. So we went to the temple on Tuesday and then we had our end of the transfer English party on Wednesday! It was a lot of fun! We have some fun English students! I'm having a hard time remembering anything that happened this week! The highlight was probably Sunny again! She is absolutely amazing. She bought us some really good pie a few times this week and then she bought pie for a member in the ward and an investigator and came with us to give it to them! One night we ate dinner with her at 5 pm and then went over to her house to grab the pie to bring to people, and she had told us she had this neighbor with 7 kids and that is like unheard of so Elder Welch and I had already knocked their door and they said no, but then when she told us they had 7 kids we went back and knocked again and also had no success. Well that night I was like, it's been a while lets go knock again! And this time the mom came out! Before it had been the dad or kids! And now the mom is a new investigator and Sunny came with and became her friend and it was awesome!! And then the rest of the night Sunny came around with us to each of our lessons and helped us! She is providing people for us to teach making friends with all of the people we were already teaching and just all around killing it! We are super super grateful for her! And we think her husband will be taking the lessons soon! He asked us a few questions the other day.. It's coming! 

And then the next day we went to the temple with Sunny for her to do baptisms! She is pretty afraid of the water! But she still did it no problem and she said that the temple had a really special feeling. A lot different than other places! She really liked it! 

Then on Sunday Sunny spoke in church and shared some awesome experiences about prayer and helping us with our lessons and going to the temple and it was really moving and the investigator we had there that Sunny had just chatted with all about her conversion is now very interested! 

Hahaha lots of Sunny.. Great week! We had a lot of fun! We are really making an emphasis to find families to teach right now! We want to help families really bad! 

I know that this gospel has really blessed me and my family! It has blessed every aspect of our lives! It's such a great message and it really changes people! I love seeing people as they learn and grow and change! It's such a special opportunity to be here and time is precious. I'm really grateful for another six weeks to spend here in Xiangshan with all of the wonderful friends we've made here! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!! Take care.

Love Elder Jensen!

Temples and English Class

  That first picture is me... Think it might be one of my favorites in Taiwan!  Also Elder Marks getting ready to head home! Crazy....

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