Monday, April 11, 2016


This week felt kind of like a blur! We had an awesome training on using charity and the Savior's pattern of teaching to really help our investigators and I loved that! Then I went on exchanges with Elder Lindahl. We had a good time and we saw a ton of success! We were down in Zhunan and we went to this college and a few people let us into their dorms and we sat down and taught them. It was pretty weird to me to be in their dorms.. But we found quite a few people that are going to continue meeting with them. 

And then we just went out and tried to meet with the people we needed to meet with and get the work done we needed to! It was a lot of fun! On Monday night we found a Mother and her daughter and we met with them yesterday. The mother really likes to talk so we had a hard time sharing a lesson with her but I feel like the gospel can really help them and she's really willing to meet so hopefully we can get their whole family progressing! 

We also have Brother Zhong an 18 year old we named Jarom and he's completely ready to be baptized but his mom won't let him. Here you have to be 20 to sign for yourself on stuff like that. He texted us last week and told us he really wants to be baptized and get the priesthood because God is always helping him and he wants to share that help with others. So that was a pretty cool thing to say.. I love him! 

In other news Egg passed her baptismal interview and will be baptized this Saturday! She is super cool and doing pretty well! She's got two less active friends and if we can get them all coming to church every week I think they'll all be super solid! 

Another highlight of the week was conference! It was super super good! I loved all of the talks! I felt like each one spoke about something that I could use! Really cool to see all the emphasis the church is putting on Families and the Priesthood and of course the Atonement I loved it all! Learned a ton! 

I especially loved the talks on forgiveness, humility, and the last talk by Elder Holland. I feel like a lot of times you hear all of the things they talk about and feel on top of the world but then go to apply it and it's harder than you thought it would be and soon all the excitement to grow, improve, and change is replaced by small failures and disappointment. I learned from his talk that that is okay and that if I'm patient I will be able to make those changes and overcome weaknesses!

And then the last highlight is that last night the AP's called and told us we had interviews this morning! President Jergensen is super super great and I loved our interview! He said the perfect things to help me continue to learn and grow as a missionary! I'm so excited to go out and apply the vision he's shared of this great work!

Also today we will be hanging out with a member that just came back for the week from BYUI He is pretty cool so we are excited about that. 

I hope that you all have a great week! I love you all and miss you! Take care! Be safe! Continue to feast on the words of the Lord and his Prophets! 

Also next week we are going to the temple so we will be emailing on Tuesday instead of Monday! 

Much love, Elder Jensen


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