Monday, March 28, 2016

March Madness!

I think March Madness is probably going on right now in the college basketball world.. I am not sure. But I can tell you that that it is definitely going on over here! 

This past week was absolutely crazy! Probably the most successful week of my mission to this point! 

So Monday night we had a pretty cool experience. We went to dinner with a group of 5 college kids and they asked us questions about America and coming to Taiwan and about our missions and "Why Mormon". It went really well and at least one of them will be meeting with us tonight! Probably a couple! But this girl is an interesting story! She has really good english and she said she learned it from watching youtube. Then she said that she watches some vloggers from Idaho's videos and that they are returned missionaries and talk about the church often. They taught her that even if you have a different religion if you run into missionaries you should just meet with them and see what it is all about! So when we asked her if we could meet with her she was like yeah they told me to so of course I will! Pretty cool! Thank you to Idaho's Vloggers! 

That night we also met with our 10 year old An An. She is doing awesome and will be baptized this weekend unless they go out of town for the four day weekend coming up. We weren't able to find out what they are doing yesterday so we will have to see what happens with them this week! But she has learned and grown so much! The primary president told us that she is really impressed with how fast she is progressing! She is a lot more excited about it all than the other little girl that is already a member! But it is starting to spread to her as well so that is awesome! 

Hmm.. Tuesday we went down to Zhunan for district meeting and that is about all I remember! Except for it may have poured rain that day! There were a few days it poured all day! I have just gotten used to having soaked pants all day! 

Wednesday was a super super awesome day! Elder Diepeveen had district leader meetings in Taibei so we got to go down there and I got to go to Tianmu!! It was my first time back and I got to see Aaron and go and visit a less active with one of the missionaries there! It was a lot of fun and brought back a lot of memories! I love that place!

Then things started to get crazy! So Friday we had a lesson set up but the investigator didn't show up and I started making some calls from people we had met on the street! This lady answered and asked if we could meet that day! We met with her and her boyfriend 30 minutes later and we also invited Sunny to come with us! We sat down and they said the reason they came is they actually are a little interested in this message so that was a great start. And then Sunny shared her super powerful conversion story/testimony and it all went fine and dandy! They both set baptismal dates and came to church yesterday! They are doing really well! And I think they live together so we might get to help them get married!! First time doing that out here! 

Hmm.. Then things just continued to go really well. And last night a member fed us dinner and then during the family home evening they started talking about friends they want to share the gospel with and we ended up leaving with 9 names of people they want to prepare to meet missionaries and dates for when and we are going to be helping them prepare them for that day! That was a huge miracle. The church has been putting a big emphasis on working with the members to get those referrals and it is starting to catch fire! Our ward is all doing super awesome lately and getting pretty excited! 

So that was our great week! And I just want to close with my testimony of the Savior for Easter! We have been watching the come follow him video that just came out a lot with the people here. It is a cartoon and it is super simple so it is really good for helping the people here understand the positive influence of Christ without going to deep and making them confused! It is a super powerful video! I know that as we choose to follow Christ he will lead us to the best place available for us to go! I know that as we put our trust in Him he will give us the strength we need to overcome the trials and challenges of this life! In him we can find peace, power, and joy! What a wonderful message!! 

I hope you all have a great week! I love and miss you! 

Happy Easter! 

Love, Elder Jensen

College kids and one of my favorite things in the world! Rice fields;)

So good to see this guy:) And the Zheng family with Sunny! Love our ward!

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